Random thought thread!


God, were the Meat Puppets just the ultimate flag-bearers of the college indy band? Not just the band itself – which had some humdingers of songs – but in the band member’s lives.

Last good concert I saw was QotSA, Meat Puppets, Mastodon, & Soundgarden at the Gorge.


Erm does anyone remember seeing that article about ‘taking back nerdom’? It’s from a 40-something year-old actor, kinda looks like Sean Astin.


This is very much a first-world problem type thing, but especially in the winter, I have too many pockets:
4 pants (2 front, 2 back)
2 hoodie/sweatshirt
4-6 coat (inside/outside, breast, depending on coat)

If I’m wearing the right coat combination, I get another 4 from the inner coat/overcoat combo.

Every time I put my car keys in one of them, it’s a total crap shoot if I remember which one, which means searching them all. If I’m carrying my daughter to the car, that involves patting myself down, then switching her to the other side to check with my other hand, then switching back because they were in my first pocket, but my gloves were also in that pocket so I didn’t feel them.


Chairman Yellen giving her last testimony to Congress right now, speaking about the complexities of the economy.

Someone on the Hill please run in and fix the camera angle so she doesn’t look like a muppet, please?


Also, tell her to stop yellin’ at chairs because I don’t see how that’s going to be productive.


My wife and I are looking pretty seriously at a house. Nobody told me this would be so stressful.


If you know your contractor well, or bring a family member/friend who knows some basic repair skills for your final choice you’ll feel better. They can spot problems and give you an idea how hard shit is to fix.


Well you usually have an inspection before you can finalize a loan. Those inspectors are really careful. If repairs are needed they will lower the price of the house to cover it.


Are you in the DC area? If so I could recommend the inspector who looked over my house. We actually used him twice because the first house we tried to buy turned up so many negative inspection related items that we simply walked away from the contract. He’s incredibly thorough.


I played a music video on youtube yesterday. I got an ad for a schizophrenia medication. Like… what does google know that I don’t? Oh man.


Google knows everything.


Browsing eBay for some classic PC games and lo and behold what do I find? A German seller auctioning off the incomparable…


Your other personality searched for it yesterday ;)


Oh you weren’t talking to me. Foiled again!


It’s ok you can be split personality too.


We agree.




I should have said ‘can’ instead of ‘will.’


Do we have an “I’m so goddamn old” thread? Because I just started blood pressure medication. Nothing to make you feel old like popping blood pressure pills. Time to lose some goddamn weight, I guess. And cut down on booze. And no more cigarettes. And a million other things.

Getting old, she is a cruel mistress. Remember partying your ass off seeing that cool indie band and drinking and smoking and who knows what else? Pepperidge Farm remembers. And Pepperidge Farm is coming for you now.


When I can’t stay out till 2:30 in the morning to catch my favorite metal bands in the next next next town over on a work night, just bury me is all I’m saying.