Random thought thread!


I almost get killed by a rock from space? MINE! After all, it hit me first. Before the actual land, I mean. MINE!


Yet another way to make me feel old: When this year’s class of entering college freshmen was born, the Playstation 2 had just been released.


I always got my wish when breaking the wishbone on Thanksgiving. I was a perceptive kid. I noticed that there was always one side that was thicker. LPT: Pick that one.


A cold day at the Polo Grounds led to the sale of hot sausage sandwiches, which became hot dogs because a cartoonist couldn’t spell dachshund.


For everyone, but especially @Skipper for some reason:


My employer hired a goose control service. Which consists of a handler coming out with a dog and having the dog harass (read: chase) the geese until they nest somewhere else. I unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure of watching them in action.


I know of golf courses that have used services like that. Geese here don’t migrate anymore and golf courses and ponding basins have become their homes of choice.


What’s the patent number? I’m an attorney in the IP space and I’m curious as to the patent and whether you’re reading it correctly.



Coincidentally, my homebrewing partner (the electronics project being part of our homebrewing endeavors) is also a patent attorney, and he took a look at it for me, including the history. The 2016 application, which was all I had to look at at the time, didn’t really specify a sensing method, and was rejected. The granted patent calls for a particular kind of weight sensor which is more novel.


Yeah, the issued claim is narrower than how you originally summarized it. They’re not claiming measuring the weight of displaced water. They’re claiming measuring how fair a torpedo of known weight sinks into the test fluid and measuring that using very a pretty specific sensor configuration.

I don’t think this is proof of some egregiously bad examination, which does happen. There are thousands of patent examiners and thousands of patents under examination at any given time. Really bad mistakes do happen. I don’t think this is a clear example of that.


The 2016 application which inspired my post has this claim:

a base plate, wherein a spring element is clamped to said base plate;

a torpedo, wherein said torpedo comprises a known weight, and wherein said torpedo is attached or coupled to said spring element; and

a sensor, wherein said sensor measures a deflection of said spring element, as said torpedo displaces a volume of a fluid.

So yes, the process worked, but without access to a way to see into it, I had no idea it was doing so. (At least, not until I asked my buddy.)


Well, I would never claim that the patent systems is easily-accessible or understandable to lay people. It’s a specialized process that requires specialized knowledge to fully understand.


That reminds me of awesome Navy gun shots (5" from a DD it looks like.) I wasn’t aware they had that many on them. Those guys were loaded for bear it seems like. Hell we only had two 5" on the ship I was on and it’s double the length of a typical DD.

But it also reminds me of how fun it would be to shell the geese. Nature’s shitting assholes. I hate those things. Especially when a large number of them wander up my street from the nearby pond, like some unwavering drug gang, hellbent on hissing at any people or cars near them, terrorizing neighborhood pets and leaving a trail of large smelly dark-greenish poop in their wake, like a pockmarked trail of bombs laid down by a miniature B-52. When on the boat, if you break out snacks or food while geese are nearby they will swim over en mass to attempt to grab dropped scraps, sometimes even flying up and onto people on the boat. I know, it sounds like I am embellishing their terror and destruction. They are so much worse than I can explain.

I believe they are Canadian. This is why the Canucks must fall.


@marquac, you had better arm yourself.


The heaviest ordnance the Canadian military has are super soakers spiked with Tabasco sauce.


The history of jaywalking, including the origin of the term:


In the 1930’s, the roadside “tourist camps” were getting a bad reputation.



This is a pretty fun read:


There’s a TV commercial for a children’s hospital here. Nemours. It opens with the camera slowly zooming out on a strawberry.

Voice over: A baby’s heart is the size of a strawberry…

Me: But not nearly as tasty.

Wife: ::SMACK::


Now why in the world would Trader Joe’s discontinue their Woven Wheat crackers (think knockoff Triscuits, but with less fat)?? It’s only my favorite freaking cracker.