Random thought thread!


Someone stole my sprinkler sometime last night. Sometimes people just suck.


Last Christmas, we put out one of those lawn lights that shines against your house, kind of makes sparkly colorful designs on your wall? Didn’t make it through its first night, someone yoinked it. No idea why, thing was worth maybe 20 bucks.


You gave me your heart?

I don’t get things stolen from my garden (yet) but my neighbour is always causing issues.


I have one of those. I’m constantly expecting it to be stolen. One was stolen down the block from me. I guess that was the only one needed.


Yeah I thought about getting some of those LED lights for the house for Halloween and Christmas and decided on cheap plastic pumpkins instead because I thought the kids we would steal them.

Instead, some jerk not only steals my sprinkler in the middle of the night, when my timer went off this morning, because they left the hose, it just puddle water in one spot in the middle of the yard.


In .nl everybody locks their bike. Bikes get stolen anyway. Even if you put three locks on it. Even if it looks rattier than the shit in the dumpster next to it. Your bike, it gets stolen.

Except in a village. Since I moved out of the city to a village about 10km away from it, I haven’t even used my bike lock. I am the only one in the village not locking his bike tho.


And the very next day, you gave it away. How could you, Chappers. How could you.



So my dad contacted me today. Sometimes he just does that out of the blue. It’s what dad’s do. So anyway of course I whined to him about my sprinkler… He sent me this.

Yeah that’s my Dad’s truck with the back window bashed in so someone could rummage through his glove box and take all his stuff. We’re lucky it was stolen. This happened a couple of days ago. My little sister was supposed to tell me, and she didn’t. Now she’s in trouble I wouldn’t have whined about my sprinkler if I knew he was dealing this is own human scum problem.

This is a different city, not where I live.


I can’t imagine any sane reason that someone would steal a sprinkler. Got to be some sort of bored teenager, right?


People will steal the strangest things. I have had moisturizing hand cream stolen from my desk at work. One of my staff had his shoes stolen. These were old b and worm and left at work for the winter. None of these things were even remotely valuable.


This is what my friends tell me. I have a largest sort of yard, so I actually have three sprinklers out there, they took the most unusual one, and the only one that was plastic and not metal.

During the onboarding at my current site, the lead security officer told us to essentially look to our right and then our left and then to not trust that person. Employee theft is a big problem, and it’s employees stealing from each other.

At my last office, prior to work from home days, someone not only picked up my paperweight, they broke the darn thing. Everyone in the office tried to blame the cleaning crew. Well one, I’d met the cleaning crew several times because I and a few others would work so late. I knew the security code so I could arm the place. And two, the cleaning crew didn’t move things on the desk when they cleaned. If you wanted a clean desk, you needed to keep your crap orderly and not have it all over the place. They would also be the ones most fearful of losing their job since that was a contract, and they were not employees. Someone on my team screwed around with my paperweight, broke it, and then tried to blame the easiest targets they could find. I kept thinking, it probably wasn’t more than ten dollars, just admit it and replace it.


Breaking things and admitting it is a very rare thing in my experience. I can only think of one person who would always do it. Some people will admit it when you confront them. Some will half-lie, and some will full-lie.

They are worried about getting into trouble, losing their job, or plain being embarrassed for having “messed something up.”

I think it’s all down to experiences on how one was raised. I had a very strict mother with strong punishments. Another country, another era. When I broke something it was better to admit doing it than not, because you’d get punished even more for lying. This gave me an instinct towards an incredibly foolish honesty. I would admit to breaking things I never even touched, probably for fear of getting blamed for it anyway.

So I figure good liars have gotten away with it in the past, so it is an instinct to keep doing it when confronted. It is not a good thing, or a bad thing, it is just how people are.

The most petty theft I can think of is someone digging up my mom’s plant. They went home, got a shovel and took the whole thing out.


This talk about thievery reminds me that I’ve had another experience lately, my car was broken into. There’s been a rash of these in my neighborhood, seems to happen in waves. Funny thing is my car wasn’t “broken” into, the windows and doors were intact, someone just had one of those devices that allowed them to unlock my car. The only reason I know I was broken into was all the stuff in my glove box was dumped out on the seat and picked over. I don’t keep any valuables in my car, mainly it’s a few CDs, and clearly the thief had no interest in good music. But they did take my valet key, and I don’t even really care. I kept thinking at some point, this thief would have returned and just driven off with my car. They could, anytime they want. I kind of wish they would, I’d just file the police report and deal with insurance. It’s a sixteen year old Jetta, probably not a lot of life left. Which I guess answers the question of why they wouldn’t just take it.


Yeah I am pretty terrible at lying myself. When I do it, it’s not usually on purpose. I have seen others do, shall we say better, because they just make shit up and try not to take responsibility. Sometimes that doers backfire though.

For the sprinkler, school just started. It probably was just some kid walking by and thinking hey that looks interesting. I’d rather lose that than have someone break into my car though! I’m glad I didn’t buy this really cool artistic sprinkler made out of copper. I remember thinking some jerk would take that sprinkler and junk it for the copper if I left it out.


I was listening to the radio this morning and AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds” came on. I love how odd this song is, the way he just seems to be rattling off random numbers when he’s giving his phone number (“three six, two four, three six … eight”) and how his making a case to be a badass hitman just makes him sound like a really lonely guy who could use some companionship (“pick up the phone, I’m always home” and “pick up the phone, I’m here alone”).


And, just a few lines deeper into the song, we discover how faulty hearing can lead to a lawsuit! According to a story appearing in the Chicago Tribune back in 1981, a couple from Libertyville, Illinois sued Atlantic Records because they claimed that their phone number had been included in the song’s lyrics. The offending portion? “Pick up the phone, I’m always home/Call me any time/Just ring 36-24-36, hey!” The White family insisted the “hey” was an “8,” thus comprising the misconstrued “362-4368.” Apparently, the hundreds of prank callers just miraculously knew the proper area code.


So a six digit phone number? Sure, I’ll buy that.


36/24/36. Female measurements. A joke. Maybe he is very lonely.


Does sound more along AC/DC’s style that way.

Edit: and I’ve always been fond of,
“Dirty deeds
And the Dunder Chief”