Random thought thread!


Yeah, I think I’ve reached the point where I recognize that I have a problem.

Hi, my name is divedivedive, and I’m a swearaholic.


I developed a mouth when I started working in IT. I blame everyone I worked with for that. I do have a 4 year old nephew though, and my sister admonishes me for such words and let’s me know when I am on speaker phone around him. I am actually pretty good around the small people area, but when their parents claim crap is a bad word, and I remind them promptly that I usually say much worse.

I’ve tried to tone it down a bit though overall. It’s… hard.


Hi my name is Craig and


As I never really had much interest in history (until recent years anyway), I found this story fascinating.

It’s about the many ways in which the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand very nearly failed. In fact, reading that, it is absolutely amazing he was killed at all. It reads almost like a plot for a comedy of errors. Was a movie ever made about this?


I dunno about movies, but the Extra Credits folks did one of their Extra History mini-series about it. Not just the assassination itself, but also the various diplomatic blunders and such that led to the start of hostilities.


I was just chatting with one of my officemates about this yesterday: that a lot of famous successful assassinations were random, off-the-cuff happenstance, and a lot of history’s well-planned assassination conspiracies failed.



So I’m walking through a parking lot. It’s hot. I see a child in a car, eyes closed, red faced. I think the child is in danger of dying. What are the legalities? Can I just break the window? Do I call 911 first? And if I do, and the child dies, am I at fault for delaying?


Pretty sure it depends on the state. Here in Michigan you can break the window to save a child, but not a dog. Though there’s been attempts to pass laws for the pooches too, and another one is going through the sausage grinder right now.


Interesting. Thanks.


I guess this becomes a question of what is legal, versus what is right.

I break the window and sort out the rest later. And 911 immediately after breaking said window


Yeah, if I see an animal in distress in a situation like that, sorry bud, but your window is getting broken. And I’m probably going to kidnap your pet as well if this is how you treat one. I’ll deal with the lawsuit later, or small claims court or whatever.


Yep. I’ll break the window to get any living thing out of there. If there is an issue with that, I’ve got a feeling Social Media might help. it has in the past. In Oregon, the law protects you to save kids and animals.


Cool, nice to know the law is on my side here :)


I think calling 911 first would be preferable. It can take a bit to break a window, if you don’t have tools. I haven’t personally tried it, but I’ve read some articles on incidents where it took people several tries. Plus, you may be very occupied after breaking in. That’s precious minutes before professional help arrives.


Well I’m fairly well certain I could break it in much shorter time than minutes, but certainly reasonableness does take into account. I’d give it a few good attempts, and if that gains no traction call 911, then search for a tool.

More than likely I have my car or bike nearby. I know for damn sure if I got my tire wrench out that window is gone in seconds.

Always remember the glass spray. Pick the window least likely to cause injury with glass shards.


I didn’t mean call 911 and then wait for them to show up without doing anything. I meant call 911, report, maybe keep them on the line while taking on the window.


I get emails periodically from the WWF - when I was kid that was the World Wrestling Federation, but now it’s the World Wildlife Foundation - because I’ve donated to them in the past. But today there was a note from William Shatner saying if I join I’ll get a thank you note from him! Which would be awesome. But probably doesn’t say good things about me that I would find this persuasive, over things like saving polar bears and stuff. Oh well.


I’m watching a TV commercial for a drug. They say, Do not take Snakeoil if you are allergic to Snakeoil.

How would I know that I’m allergic to a drug unless I take the drug?