Random thought thread!


I hope so. :)


Packing to move kinda sucks. But, I keep finding old USB thumb drives and checking what’s on them. Powerpoint 2003 presentation… look I had transitions in there!


That USB is so old it might actually not have Chinese spyware on it!


Going by the Amazon track-the-courier-on-a-map page, I think the person who is delivering my package has either been carjacked or just outright quit.


Why is the caulk gun needle thing to pierce the tube never long enough to reach? Many times I am forced to cut larger caulk diameters just so the needle can reach inside.


I dunno but man I hate caulking, or putting on silicone. It always looks so easy and every single time I make a mess of it that totally looks amateur.

Here’s my related question: How is it 2018 and yet we can’t have a foolproof tool that removes old caulk/silicone easily? Typically you’ll see, “it’s easy,” videos or shows followed by, “you’ll need the following,” list of 6-7 things, and after the tools don’t work they break out the razor blades, etc.

I should use a solvent.


Sounds like you need a new caulk gun, with a longer needle.


And a scope.


It’s my third/fourth caulk gun, every time I buy one I guess I get a dumb one.

My tip, use plastic bags to clean up caulk, it will magically clean it off your hands.


You can hire a guy. I didn’t realize it was a specialty until we had some brick work done. The guy we hired was done the work except for caulking. We asked why he wasn’t finishing the job that day and his response was that he didn’t do caulking and the caulking guy was coming the next day.

We ended up hiring the caulking guy for more work. He has caulk to match all sorts of colours and presumably, a long enough needle.


I’ve done sinks and showers mostly. That reminds me I need to check around my windows. I’m not sure at what point I would roll into needing a guy, but I assume maybe next time I could wait until everything needs it and have the guy come in to do it in a jiffy. Though my caulk/silicone look amateurish, it’s the removal that kills me. There are always teeny tiny bits left behind and it makes the next application look like crap.



That’s what I just did, windows. I kept smelling cigarette smoke. I wondered if I had a brain tumor because nobody else smelled it. Then I realized it must be my neighbor, who thoughtfully smokes outdoors. Unfortunately that’s next to my window.

As for removing old caulk… If it doesn’t want to come off easily, it deserves to stay in place. Winter is coming, it needs to get done.


There was a time around here that people would steal sago palms out of your front yard. Now they are everywhere so there is no reason to steal one.

Last year I remember some guy having a thousand dollars in Halloween crap stolen from his front yard. Several others had lesser amounts stolen. People are scum basically.

A neighbor recently had someone break into his truck, take his garage door opener and the ransack his garage. Got away with some nice welding equipment. That sounded like someone from the neighborhood did it.


When my kids were little I somehow trained my self to use the word “ratsass” whenever I would normally cuss. I got to where I even used it around my adult friends. It was my wife who couldn’t control her potty mouth though.

To this day, with my kids both 25 or older, I still will say “ratsass” from time to time.


I don’t swear in front of my adult kids. They swear in front of me, though.


I will now swear on occasion, I try not to. It always surprises me when my youngest, who is now 25, swears. But she does it more in a story telling way that out of anger. I think the only one in my house who swears out of anger is my wife. :)


“Once upon a fucking time…”


“It was the shittiest of times, it was the fuckiest of times…”