Random thought thread!


So the Trumpiest of times?


I think that would open “It was the shittiest of times, it was the fucking stupidest of times…”


So I have the opportunity to have either Kona Dogs or Hot Asian Buns. Maybe both? Hmmm…


I didn’t realize this was an adults-only thread!


Sometimes my first impulse is to head to Google and search for solutions to problems I couldn’t possibly solve online, like “Where the hell did I put that particular paperwork five years ago?”


Worse yet would be if Google DID know the answer to that question!


Narrator: They do.


I do sometimes wonder why I can’t Google the restaurants I have gone to before. Google certainly knows and is telling advertisers, why can’t they tell me?


They doubt your commitment to Google Motion.


Wow, deep cut Rich, well done.



Technology has advanced significantly since the last time I ran a tabletop RPG.


Look, I gotta get something off my chest, folks. And it’s a little inappropriate, probably, and sure as hell none of my business, but screw it, here goes. We all know who Roman Farrow is, yes? Young journalist, partly responsible for breaking the Harvey Weinstein story. And he looks like this:

So he’s the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, right? No way, I say. You know who he looks exactly like?


That’s right, ol’ blue eyes Frank Sinatra. Who oddly enough, was married to Mia Farrow between 1966 to 1968. So am I implying that Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra May have had an affair while she was married to Woody? Yeah I guess I am. But come on, look at them! Do you really think Ronan is Woody’s kid?

All right, I admit that’s pretty gossipy of me, and likely beneath me, but every time I see him I think, no way.


I can see what you’re coming from, so… I still don’t care. I don’t traffic in celebrity gossip ;)

Speaking of, has anyone ever seen Amy Adams and Isla Fisher in the same room together? I think not!


I feel a little dirty posting it, I admit. But it’s not like I am possessed of amazing powers of discernment here, it just seems so obvious, but nobody talks about it? Because we’re all so polite I guess?


Did your drunk ass spell Ronan Farrow’s name wrong?

Edit - I’m a lil drunk


Probably! But I’m not drunk, just using a phone.


Considering the convoluted history of that family, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, although I admit to not knowing anything other than that it’s complicated. I had never done a photo comparison, so I will say it’s an interesting observation.

Everything I do know, I learned because I once read an excellent article written by Ronan Farrow, which prompted me to do a little research about him. Mostly though, I remember that he was a very good writer.


What crazy UI is that?


CasterSoundboard. I figure if I’m going to do sound effects and background music, I might as well overdo them.


I can’t find Passion Fruit in my valley. Everyone keeps directing me to syrups, or cocktails or juice blends… I know these fruits are juicy. It seems insane I can’t find some pure passion fruit juice. I suppose I could buy the fruit and just juice it myself but one,I am not sure even that’s easy to find, and wanted the juice on hand to make a drink for company in the future, not today.

It is sometimes just annoying not to live in a slight bigger area.