Random thought thread!


I’ll do it in 3

Jimmy Carter, born in 1924
William Taft died 1930 born 1857
Martin Van Buren died 1862, born 1782

Ok that doesn’t get you to 1776, but count it however you want.

Now when Jimmy Carter dies, then yes Trump would be the oldest living president (by about a month)

Also, holy crap, I didn’t realize hat Clinton, Bush II, and Trump were all born the same year. Weird bit of trivia for ya.


You don’t have to get to 1776. We didn’t have a president until 1789, so Van Buren makes it by seven years.


Sure, but the National myth is that the US was founded in 1776, ad the signing of the Declaration of Independance.

There is certainly plenty of room to argue about when the country as we know it actually started! 1776 (DoI), 1777 (Articles first debated), 1781(articles ratified), 1783(signing peace, my preferred date), 1784 (peace ratified), 1787(Constitution debated and drafted), 1788(ratified), 1789 (current form of government takes power).

So by any measure, other than signing the Declaration of Independance or ratifying the Articles of Confederation, Van Buren counts.


I like to think the country really was born on Oct 19, 1783, the day the British surrendered at Yorktown. That would make my birthday a national holiday. The day, not the year. :)


I am ok with that.


Ever think that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr sometimes get a little stoned… Then one calls the other.

Paul: Ey Ringo.
Ringo: Sup Paul.
P: Like, we were in the Beatles.
R: I know, right? Like we were big!
P: The biggest.
R: That was so cool, right?
P: Way fucking cool.




I just had pot delivered to my HOUSE! LEGALLY!



Clearly you don’t live in Michigan! You can have pot here, but there’s no legal way to obtain it. Much less have it delivered!


I get all my pot from the Pot Fairy!


A rooster’s auditory canals close up when it crows so that it doesn’t deafen itself.


You know how sometimes we’ll be like oh, Imperialism 2 was the best 4x game ever. Nostalgia hits. Oh yeah, this part of the design is great, pity about the UI, oh at least back in W95 days we had the excuse nothing ran so we couldn’t even play it.

Then I go browse for new games… Is it like a drug addict forever searching for something that will give them that hit, but nothing is gonna give you that same first hit. I’m jaded and seen it all and it’s all the same but I’ll still preorder and get excited sometimes and occasionally get disappointed.


I just came across this article and it’s got to be the most random thing I’ve seen in some time, so I figured why not share?

So apparently there’s a game people play at Christmas called Whamageddon, and whoever can go the longest without hearing “Last Christmas” by Wham wins the game? I am kind of floored.


I would have lost that one by now. If there’s a “Don’t hear the Mariah Carey song” game, I’m still in the running for that one, I think.


Can I win? I’ve never heard the song until I clicked your link.


Wow, that’s kind of nuts. You’re certain you’ve never heard it? I’d say you win, unless some aboriginal dude from deepest Africa or the Australian Outback shows up tomorrow to claim the prize.


I’ll listen again. I didn’t come to the US till 89 so early 80s stuff I don’t know. I didn’t know who Paul McCartney was. My friends always tease me and make a big deal of these things.

edit: Okay nevermind, I have heard it.


But… but… neither of those things - Wham! or Sir Paul McCartney - are American things. Are you from deepest Africa?


I honestly don’t know if I’ve heard the song, since I automatically tune out all Christmas songs, as they all start running together into one big festival of … crap. Whatever. People call me Scrooge. From Africa.

But I CAN say that I have never before seen the accompanying video.


Wow, I’ve never heard this song before. (I work in retail too!) Is it more of a British thing?

This one is super annoying however: