Random thought thread!


Jersey is more into pork roll egg and cheese, NYC is bacon egg and cheese on the classic kaiser roll.


Don’t make me cry, man.


I don’t even know what a kaiser roll is, to tell you the truth. Will it try to annex all the other food on your plate if you don’t eat it fast enough?


Hapsburg, not Hohenzollern. TBH they look like sturdier hamburger buns…


Perfectly crisp on the outside. Sometimes with seeds. Fluffy in the center.


I can think of better things to do with NJ drivers’ horns than just removing them.


Oh holy crap, that’s the Waitresses from Ohio! I love that song, it makes me so happy every holiday season when I randomly come across it on the radio. This, Father Christmas by the Kinks and John Lennon’s Happy Xmas are probably the only Christmas songs I am not totally sick of at this point.



The Emerson, Lake and Palmer version of Father Christmas I still enjoy hearing when it comes on, too. All three you listed are good to hear, if they don’t drive them into the ground.


You know the danish, that thing with super sweet stuff on top? Personally I think it’s gross. It’s so gross the Danish don’t want to take credit for it. They apparently call it wienerbrød which translates to “Viennese bread”.

Okay … but in Vienna they call it Kopenhagener Plunder or “Dänischer Plunder”.

Nobody wants to claim responsibility for this atrocity.


I love a good cheese danish with a cup of coffee once in awhile.


I was just about to say, I hate cheese danishes the absolute most, but then I think cream cheese is about the most awful food. Also, I hate bagels. Plus I can’t stand puppies. OK, just kidding about the puppies, but the others really are crap.


Come on now. A bagel with cream cheese and thinly sliced puppy is delicious.


But is it kosher?


As long as it’s a Caanan dog.


Yeah dachshund maybe not so much.


You’d think judging by the name that the Kaiser roll maybe arrived in America from somewhere else?

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve had good European style bread since I’ve lived in the US, except for some rye bread that comes out of Chicago.


I don’t like rye bread. Tastes like aspirin.


Aldi imports those cube bricks of very dark rye bread from Germany. It’s not dry like most bread. It’s almost moist or oily. It’s also very good.


I tried black bread once, like the Ukranian kind, it was pretty good.

Then again, I was having it with borsch that was probably 90% fat so everything would taste good.