Random thought thread!


Why does Netflix keep sending me email titled Netflix Tonite? Are they trying to… chill with me?


is this game important? I’m trying to decide whether I can get away with commandeering the TV during Xmas to play Stepmania with family.


Not important. This game will have no impact on the playoffs.

Doesn’t mean some people won’t want to watch it anyway, because football fans sometimes want to watch whatever game is on. I hope Stepmania prevails.


It is, literally, only consequential if you root for either team and care about draft position.

The Raiders have been eliminated for like a month, and Denver was eliminated by the Browns on Sunday.

It’s a horse turd of a game. Hard pass. Unplug the TV if need be.


You might see a coach have to take the bus home.


Or play Fantasy Football and have players in it, which means you are probably screwed already!


My two favorite “Army-isms” that I will take to my grave.

“[It, This, He, She, You, Al Kut, whatever] is ate up like a soup sandwich!”

“Let me break it down for you Barney-style”.

More later if I think of them.


I listen to the radio in the car. Yes, yes I know I am old school that way, but it exposes me to new music and local ads and activities. Our Classic Rock Radio Station, one of many I switch between, advertised there was a chance to win a “colored TV with a remote.” My very first thought when he said that was dear god, how old is this guy.


So I’ve always liked to test my kids when it comes to vocabulary. Whenever I use a word, I’ll ask them for the definition. My youngest, and still at home 16 year old, and I were driving around yesterday and drove by the airport where Nike has a hanger with a glass front facing the road.

“What an ostentatious display” I said and immediately asked for what the definition was. He said “I was just going to ask you that” and I said I know what it means, this is a test to see what you know.

After a bit of back & forth where he succumbed and admitted he didn’t know, I said it’s “being flashy in a luxurious way” and he said “why can’t you just say flashy, everyone knows what that means.”

“Flashy doesn’t accurately describe that display of wealth.”

“Yes it does”

“No it doesn’t”

Am I being ostentatious by using the word ostentatious instead of flashy I wondered?


If you were not testing your son, would you have used that word anyway?


Oh absolutely. The scene just screams ostentatious. I love vocabulary. Boggle is one of my favorite games!


I think you are just being obstreperous now.


How auspicious, I run by that most mornings, as I’ve been staying about half a mile away.


Why do any synonyms exist? Why doesn’t everybody just talk like the simple wikipedia?

“Ostentatious” has implications that “flashy” doesn’t. For one, it more directly implies wealth. You can be poor and flashy (I would say that flashy has direct inplciatuons of the nouveau riche), but you wouldn’t generally describe somebody as ostentatious and poor.

Because language is flexible though, you can describe somebody as “ostentatiously poor” (in fact, I think it works better as an adverb most of the time). B int ostentatiously poor says you’re making a big show of being poor, which may not be “flashy” per se, but would still be ostentatious.

It’s a great word.

Pick a word that he’s quite familiar with using, and run through the same exercise. Why is something delicious instead of yummy, or gorgeous instead of pretty, etc.



Connotative vs. denotative meanings can be subtle, to be fair. Hugely important for effective communication, of course, as well.


I live about 5 miles north of there (north of hi-way 26). We should do lunch!


Definitely. I’ll send you a message or something once I get back in town, I’m in Chicago for two weeks.


Then I think what you’re doing is great. Forced vocabulary tests in school is nothing compared to hearing people say and use words you’re not familiar with.

Is that actually lavender or is it just the lighting?


My grandparents used to have a Christmas Eve tradition - they’d drive out to a small town called Ringgold (this was in Louisiana) and visit my grandmother’s brother. They’d drink vodka and eat ham sandwiches. I didn’t partake, I was young. But much later, after my grandmother’s brother died, and then a little later after my grandmother died, my grandfather continued the tradition with (my great-uncle? do I have that right?)'s wife. And I was older, and could join the celebration. I liked this tradition. It felt like home.

My grandfather always told me that his father had a saying around this time of year - “Hell, it’s Christmas.” And my grandfather continued this saying, and passed it on to me. So to everybody, hell it’s Christmas. I hope it’s a good one for all of you.


I have never met your family. But I know that I would like them. Very much.