Random thought thread!


that’s really good. Exemplifies how a limited vocabulary would work. When I showed it to him, he laughed and said “do they have that on a t-shirt?”


Not a shirt, but a poster.


I wonder if

  1. a word processor could force (or suggest) you to use simple language
  2. simple language is easier to translate using Google Translate

Though MS Word grammar suggestions aren’t always helpful to begin with.


An experiment well worth taking. Translate a paragraph into simpleton English. Then Google translate to Russian, that to Chinese, then back to English.


My hovercraft is full of eels.


Bouncy bouncy.




So one of my board gaming regulars, one who hated board games and games in general until she started coming here oh about… I think we’re working on 6 years, just asked me about gaming systems, for her.

She’s a little older than I am but… I think I just created a new video gamer. We’re leaning towards PS4 at the moment, but she’s going to come over, and I will show her a few games I think she might like.

Overcooked 2 (she loves Overcooked), which we can play together online. Flower, which I think she might just enjoy. I don’t have a solution for Drawful though. I don’t think there is an online version of that. I might show her Stardew Valley. She could get a kick out of that too, and it’s supposed to be online… eventually.

I might have to give her one of my headsets too. I have several that I like at varying degrees which may or may not work with PS4.


Finally some recognition for Palin @tomchick



I can’t believe I fell for that. First Golf Wars 2, then the British version of the TV series Barry, and now Palin honors.



I’m sitting with a large group of people and there is no way I can explain why I’m laughing so hard.


OK. So, if you’re an Elf, everyone knows the four basic food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. But what are the equivalents for us humans and our basic food groups? I think I would start with candy corn, and make those fruits/veggies - they’re not something everyone likes, and people on both sides can have some stronger feelings about them (as applies to various/assorted fruits and veggies). Plus, corn is right there in the name. So then I move on to syrup - it goes with everything. What in the human food groups goes with everything? Bacon. So clearly, syrup is your protein equivalent. Candy is then a general category for a lot of stuff - sort of like starches or carbs - so there are your rices, pastas, potatos, etc. That leaves candy canes and dairy. I don’t have a good reason for this, but it’s all that’s left.

It was a long shower this morning.


So my wife is randomly flipping around the TV channels and has settled on a TV show called Moonshiners which, as it sounds, focuses on the travails of a few folks who make and sell moonshine. And I have to wonder why someone would do this, given that it’s still totally illegal to engage in this activity? But they’re showing their faces and the stills and totally looks like this show could be used as evidence if these guys are ever actually brought in. Totally weird.


Many of these types of “reality” tv shows are faked to varying degrees.


Of course, the obvious explanation!


It’s free publicity for the state of Virginia too. Every publicity is good publicity.


I understand the griping about game text size scaling now that Linux high DPI support is finally good enough to use on a day-to-day basis. No more windowed gaming for poor old me.


This is a compostable fork from one of the cafeterias at my workplace, may be difficult to read the inscription since it’s black on black but it says “BioWare.” Always amuses me at lunchtime.


It doesn’t say “BioWare”. It says “Bioware”.