Random thought thread!


I thought you two were supposed to be the fun ones.


It’s very easy to read that inscription. Is it difficult for some?

If we’re going to complain about mice type though, Paradox still seems to be in the running.


Technically, the letters stand out, so it is not an inscription but is instead an embossing.


mice typing…who woulda thunk it



Fucking toads.


I finally figured out why I always had wifi problems upstairs (I had to install a second router and drag a cable over to get usable wifi).

The contractor redid the kitchen floors upstairs and I admired the way he did it. He’d do this metal mesh thing and then put the compound and tiles on top of it. Now I realize maybe the mesh blocks the wifi? I’d google more but “metal mesh wifi” does not give the hits I am looking for.


Sounds about right. Same principles as a Faraday cage.


Windows needs a ARE YOU SURE YOU DIDN’T MEAN 2019 when I type 2018 thing every January.


Seriously. I wasted about a half day yesterday tracking down a nonexistent error because I was querying SQL using dates of ‘02-jan-2018’ until I figured it out. Sigh.


I searched and we don’t seem to have a thread dedicated to stage plays we’ve seen, nor to the stage version of The Lion King, just Jon Favreau’s new version coming out next year or something. I guess the stage Lion King is probably old news at this point, but it was in Seattle the last few weeks and I was able to get tickets and take the family and we all really enjoyed it. It’s a really impressive representation of the story of The Lion King done with people and puppets and really stage magic. There’s a really nice practical effect that has Mufasa appearing to Simba, with these individual shapes floating independently behind a colorful curtain before they coalesce into the shape of a huge lion’s face, it was really impressive to see.


The Lion King was here a couple weeks ago for 5-6 days and I just couldn’t pull the trigger on buying tickets.


My wife and I went to a stage show of Beauty and the Beast last Friday.

It was quite enjoyable. Nothing of the scale of production of Lion King on Broadway, but it is her favorite Disney movie, so we’ll weoth it.


I saw a local high school do Beauty and the Beast a couple years ago (the girl playing Beauty was a friend’s daughter) and I was amazed how good it was and how elaborate the settings were. They apparently had some help from someone as Disney, at least that is what I was told.


I work in a glass and steel building, and there is basically zero cell phone reception. Wifi works fine I think tho.


If I had a dog, I’d name it Defect. Not sure what I would call it if I got it fixed.


We used to mark defects complete on our issues log, but calling the dog Complete would just be cruel.


A dog is basically on ecstacy all of the time.




Good dog!

If they have academics studying scifi now, does that mean there will be MMO and D&D academics in 2050? Am I just an academic from the future?