Random thought thread!


That’s it. No workout today. Shoveling snow counts!


If you ever wanted to open a restaurant and serve ‘le big macs’, now’s your chance:


I’m a 7.



And yes I drew one before looking to check.


I resemble this. Maybe we should be asking who is not a 7?


I’m a 6 (women think so too).


Are you a leftie? Because I believe that’s how my wife does it too, and she’s leftie.

Lefties write weird ;)


Oh wait, crap, I’m an 8. So much for paying attention to the details.


I’m an 8 as well, since it’s the most compatible with my scrawling tendency to link my printed letters like I would my script ones.


I’m a 5, must be an English thing.


I believe that is true. Depends upon how you were taught penmanship.


I’m 7, and also left-handed. But not female.


I’m an 8 unless for some decreasingly likely scenario I’m writing in cursive.


8 in print. 7 in cursive.


7, right-handed


No wait. Sometimes I am a 5 too. This is too confusing…


8, here. Fascinating.


Not a leftie at all except for hockey but that’s common up here in Canada.


This is me too. I am a right hander from Canuckistan.


I am an 8. Interesting as that is my favorite number as well. No idea why.


Pa Chinese word for eight sounds a lot like pa, happiness. Every Chinese loves the number 8. Perhaps you are more Chinese than you know! :p

I’m an 8 too.