Random thought thread!


7 here. We need a poll.

  1. Happy to see so many of us in this thread - everywhere else I saw responding to this seemed to be a 7.


Man I hate it when the person who prepares my burrito puts all the sauce at one end, all the beans in the very middle and all the meat way at the other end.


The best way to avoid that is these generously buttered noodles, sprinkled with just a quarter cup of parsley for color and freshness, are the perfect blank canvas for practically any stew or braise.


That’s like a neapolitan burrito. Not good!

Come to think of it I hate it when the chocolate on my banana split invades the strawberry and pineapple sections of my delicious dessert. I clearly need to build a wall in my split to maintain dessert purity!


The burrito conundrum is one that occupies a great deal of my spare time - I often run into the same problem if I’m grabbing a burrito at some place like Qdoba or Chipotle, with the ingredients getting bunched up and not evenly distributed. But I haven’t come up with a good answer - the best way for a good spread among all the various ingredients would probably be to dump them in a big pot and just mix them up. But then you’ve got a slurry of goo that’s basically one uniform temperature and consistency and wouldn’t be so appetizing. I need to ponder on this some more.


Easy: fill caulk guns with each ingredient, and fill the burrito by painting a stripe down the tortilla. Perfect distribution, every time.


You are a monster…


The solution is going to Barberitos.


I’m an 8 but pretty sure SMASEY = 9.


Wasn’t sure if this was a barber-shop-slash-restaurant where you get your hair cut while eating tacos.


You’d have to lie down on a massage chair with a hole for your head, otherwise the hair will fall into your taco. Orrrrr combine it with back-straightening therapy and suspend people from their feet.


My computers are trying to kill me again.


What are we looking at exactly? Laptop battery got too cold?


Looks like it has undergone some form of thermal expansion, which risks catastrophic failure/ catching fire.


Too cold (it’s January…) or too hot?


Trust me. Battery failure often has nothing to do with ambient temperature.


I know virtually nothing about laptops. :(

But I know you should not poke any holes in batteries, despite the very tempting bulges in the sides. LCD screens only!


I don’t know anything about batteries either, but it sure looks like something I wouldn’t want to find in anything I own.


Replaced one like that in a two year old XPS.