Random thought thread!


And it always seems to be a food package that is “resealable”. Except that it isn’t. So I have to put it in one of my good ziplock bags.



A woman was shot at close range, but it was her underwire bra that nearly killed her

Can finally tell my friends these things don’t just hurt, they kill.


Sometimes it can take me 5 minutes to get some cereal bag to re close.


So Subaru has a car with a detector than bleeps when you take your eyes off the road. And flashes a light that says KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD, on the dashboard above the speedometer. Hmmm…


I am starting to feel some sympathy for @Telefrog’s “visually stunning” allergy, because I swear every time I read about somebody cringing or finding something cringe-worthy I grit my teeth a little.


This post is peak cringe.


You know, if people were actually going around physically cringing as much as they say they are, that would be kind of funny. I’m just getting annoyed by this particular figure of speech. Now I will amuse myself imagining everyone doing this to each other constantly:



I’m with you honestly. “Cringe” is on the same list with “toxic” and “destroyed” on social media for me. When I see those words, especially in a headline, I almost always know it’s going to be bullshit.


ooh that’s some visally stunning cringe right there!



Only 80s kids will get this one!


They brought her back. I don’t know what they’re doing with him. Seems like we’re due for another remake.



Seems like I’m seeing a recent rush of spamming/phishing emails from some folks who apparently have never done this sort of thing before. And part of me is a little insulted, like how stupid do you think I am, dude? But then the larger part of me is relieved I’m not being sought out by smarter scammers.


That you know of…


Fair enough. At this point, nobody has charged thousands of dollars on my credit card or stolen my identity. That I know of.


Okay. So what is the deal with really overweight people and ziplines? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fat fuck. But I know my limits. If I can’t do a single pull up, what makes me think that I can hang on to a small bar for the trip down the line? Every one that I have watched works the same. Large person grabs little bar. Looks scared. Is egged on by family and friends. And the jumps off of the platform and immediately falls to the ground. Sometimes its a short fall, but it is often a dangerous fall.

My fat brothers and sisters. Avoid the ziplines!


This is a thing?
News to me.
Can you provide any video evidence that this is in fact dangerous?


I thought with most zip lines you are connected to the actual line somehow, and not just by your hanging on? I know I have seen zip lines on TV done that way.


I have done it 2x (River Raiders in WV, and Tree Top Adventures at the Elmwood Park Zoo), and yes, you connect to the line with a harness across your hips/legs, you don’t just hang with your hands. In fact, your hands rarely touch the line and only with a heavy padded glove.

Edit: searching a bit, and I don’t see people falling off the line (which would be crazy scary if found), but coming in low and wiping out at the end of the run, which is a bit cringy.