Random thought thread!

I remember the pull-tabs. So much litter. Almost as bad as cigarette butts!

Not just litter, but a hazard to wildlife as well.

Oh yes.
According to Calvin’s Dad, the world was in black and white back then. Are you saying he was wrong?

Yes, but only on vacation trips up to the Boundary Waters.
I was too young to pump it; I remember “Regular” and “Unleaded”.
They came in cans made of aluminum. And also glass bottles. Some things never change.
They were old enough for waist belts, or they were People Movers at Disney World.

In Canada, they were made of steel way back when. My first encounter with an aluminum pop can in the US resulted in Coke sprayed all over the place as my usual firm grip on the can resulted in in being severely squished as the internal pressure was released with the tab coming off.

I drove a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle for a while. That’s older than me by a bit. Mine had no belts, but I think you could request the dealer to install them at some point. Not sure what year that started though. I used to fuck with my high school buddy driving through town with him in the passenger seat. I’d tap the breaks a little hard and since he wasn’t expecting it he would slide partway into the floorboard. We’ve come a long way.

Please stop paying with cash in stores. Please please stop paying with cash while digging in your pocket, purse, etc. for exact change because you know there’s a dime and three pennies in there somewhere. I got shit to do.

Yeah, the digging is annoying.

What’s also annoying at the Quik Trip type places are the people that walk in with 20 lottery tickets they need verified. And then they hem and haw buying new ones, and why not grab a few scratchers too? Let me look over the 20 different scratchers you have. Hmm…ok, that one, that one, and that one. Oh, and I need some chaw too. No, not that chaw, the one two down from it in the red case. Nope, that’s orange, nope, nope, ok, that one.

That’s called weekday mornings at Sheetz.

Cash isnt as bad as waiting for sombody to write a check at the grocery store now. The casher goes thru this long as process of verification that can only be designed to discourage people from writing checks.

Funniest thing you’ve verbalized in exasperation?
Idk, but I just yelled out, “beefstick!” while driving and that was fun.

This made me think of this. I’m way less intense about it than this guy, but yeah. We’ve been mangling our feet for centuries to make them look good.

Sitting here on a conference call working from my home office and suddenly VERY loud aircraft rotor noises are going on. I step out and three V-22 Ospreys are flying overhead, maybe at 1000 feet above ground level, max. VERY LOUD. We don’t live near any national guard airbases but I’m guessing maybe they are going somewhere near here. At that flight level though it just seems strange.

And yet, am I the only one here that EVERY time I see a military aircraft, especially rotor based, I have that tiny little flashback in my head to the start of Red Dawn, with the troops parachuting down behind the high school. It’s creepy. Get your military exercises off my lawn.

I was a grade school kid in the 1960s and early '70s and we expected a nuclear war between the US and Soviets. Everytime I heard a jet fly over I’d look up, wondering if it was a Soviet warplane.

You know I didn’t think of that. Maybe it is lingering effects of us living through the cold war. The constant low-key (for us) fear that the Russians could nuke us at any given time and we’d all die in some horrible way.

I’ve been wearing Xero shoes almost exclusively for the last few years (based off a recommendation on QT3, IIRC). They make me feel like an obnoxious hipster, but I do think that they’re generally more comfortable, and they’re decently well made, lasting me about 2 years of more or less continuous use. I haven’t tried the ultra-budget Amazon brands, but I’ve thought about it.

If I’m honest, I’m not entirely sure what it is about them that is superior to other shoes, but I have quite wide feet and so most typical sneakers are too tight unless I specifically look for a brand with wide sizes. Also, we never wear shoes in the house, so I’m barefoot a lot of the time anyways.

They do look a bit like clown shoes at first, but I just remind myself that nobody really gives a shit what my shoes look like.

Do we have a shoe thread? I could use some advice. Someone recommended OOFOS as a good recovery shoe, I’m just trying to see if they are for real or not because they are a premium price over other options.

Inside the house I have 2-3 things I wear. Crocs, but only the Literide soles, which are fantastic. Or Olukai flip flops, which I love. If I go out (not to work) it’s Sketchers, which have some fantastic comfortable stuff, fairly cheap. Like you I have a wide foot. It can be a pain in the brands that run slim.

I have a pair of oofos ooah slides that I’ve been wearing around the house for the last month or so (I was getting some soreness from standing on the hard floors).

Have been happy with them, though I can’t provide a meaningful comparison to other brands because the other ones I looked at didn’t come in my size at all.

I think my soreness was the same thing. I’ve been or was mostly barefoot working from home and was getting foot pain, probably from walking on hardwood floors constantly.

Why hasn’t a pickle company sponsored a pickleball tournament? Shouldn’t there be a Vlasic Pickleball Championship?

How often do you think James Spader says “My Spader Sense is tingling”?