Random thought thread!

I bet a hardened (arteries) Southerner could, and then deep fry it.

so preoccupied with whether you could, something something.

We have stories here that have already switched out the Halloween stuff for Christmas stuff.

I took a photo in Costco on Sept 15 of their Christmas display. Because I couldn’t believe it, and I wanted proof.

July 21st, 2023. Taken by me at the local Costco

Yeah. I had a buddy in the late 60’s/early 70’s who figured that out, and every time he called, he wouldn’t hang up just to bug my sisters and I. We’d pick up the phone to make a call, and he’d be there, just breathing heavy.

Then one night, Mom needed to make a call, and that happened. She asked who was on the phone last and who were we talking to. When she figured out who it was, she picked up the phone and gave him what for, and told him she was going to talk with his mother. That stopped it.

I think that sometime later, it was no longer possible to do that stupid trick, but I can’t remember when. Maybe mid-70’s?

It’s gotta be more recent because I remember it working in the 90s - unless different bells had different rules

It’s possible that I just don’t remember anybody doing it after that, so you could be right.

It was still like that in the 90s for me as well. And public phone books with full names, numbers and addresses for every person in the city, just zero consideration for security back then.

Probably depended on what kind switches were in the central office.

Why can’t I eat grilled cheese and tomato soup every day?

I give up! Why can’t you eat grilled cheese and tomato soup every day?

Is there some sort of cheese shortage?!!!

Personally, I go semi-old school. Whatever wheat type bread my wife will tolerate, American cheese, margarine. And Campbell’s Tomato with some milk stirred in.

I like to add roast beef to my grilled cheese. Sometimes with swiss and chedder.

It’s like a Zen koan.

Just been doing some reading about the history of the town I grew up in and still live in (Bismarck, ND), and I came upon this hailstorm we had on June 9, 2001. The hail filled underpasses. More pics in the link.

Here’s the same underpass (shot from the other side) before the loader started clearing it out:

What a mess! That’s up near the hospital, right? You guys get rocked by weather a bit much up there. Between the river flooding, the crazy storms that come through, etc.

I have a couple for you, @Giles_Habibula

This is me playing around in a Kubota as well as a Bobcat at an inside location if you can believe that, which is kind of between the Airport and Sam’s Club. The floor here is 20 some feed deep, and they have the ability to create rain and a few other inclement weather situations so that they can either do engineering assessments or training with customers, etc.

That’s cool. That’s the big newer Doosan/Bobcat building that kind of sits by itself kind of on the way out to Lincoln, right? Not the one on S. 26th or Airport Road?

Edit: This one.

It sure is. Lots of very cool stuff there inluding a cold room that is rated to -40 so they can test units at very cold operating temps.

It’s crazy how much engineering goes into making things that in general most people dont know about. I was impressed.