Random thought thread!

You know it’s funny, I had a Windows Phone once upon a time (I know, ha ha, but I worked for MS at the time and they gave us all one) and one thing I noticed after migrating to an iPhone was how much worse the virtual keyboard was. What a weird little detail to get wrong.

As I get older, and are doing serious outside labor longer, I find my telephones’ (android) touch keyboard increasingly hard to use accurately. My fingers are just too big and clumsy.

Sledgehammers and telephones don’t mix. In more than one way.

You can get SwiftKey for iOS. Much better virtual keyboard.

I’m not really a phone guy. I can go to work and not look at my phone until my work is done at 5pm, so that probably makes me an outlier.

When I want to text I always use voice text. Seems so much easier and the recognition seems good. Do people prefer thumb typing on the tiny phone keyboard?

Thanks for the tip! I’ll give that a shot. I think I used SwiftKey way back in the day.

Haven’t used that much myself, but even with the odd error, its still way better than just sending out voice messags. Some of my friends basically only send me audio clips via whatsapp and I HATE it!

One really should check the amounts on hand in the pantry before embarking on a Christmas cookie baking spree.

The iOS virtual keyboard actually got WORSE somewhere along its development history & definitely fell behind some competitors. It had been the best early in its release. Thank the gods that this year’s release FINALLY seems to have made it better again!

Everyone raves about the 1812 Overture but no one ever talks about the rest of the opera.

You know, the Baby Jesus certainly went #1 and is extremely likely to have gone #2 in that manger, and the sheep and donkeys had to eat out of that thing later. And that is nasty, plus there’s no mention of them dying (if Jesus was not divine) or of turning into cherubim and seraphim with 1000 eyes and 1000 wings (if he was), so I’m calling BS on the whole thing right now. QED.

Who the hell ever says, “Ya-mo be there” or “She rises to her apology”?

That’s right, I’ve just finished watching Yacht Rock again, and it’s still brilliant.

I can’t believe these are still being sold.

They forgot to add “and conveniently stores the bacteria on the reusable cloth towel!”

Sometime when I am eating something , I swear I taste soap, either from the plate not getting rinsed correctly or the food touching a soapy countertop.

I only rinse or use the dishwasher for my coffee mug. Dawn is very hard to rinse off. Handwashing it is likely to leave traces of soap

You sure someone isn’t secretly sneaking cilantro into your food?!??!

My goddaughter (16) keeps taking selfie Fotos in a mirror, with the phone covering her face. These pix she also uses as profile images.

I’m assuming this is a wider trend? It’s a bit puzzling since she doesn’t appear to be posing particularly interesting or wearing anything unusual…

My 15 daughter does that, it’s like the last fig leave of privacy consciousness.
She is in fact very much privacy concerned. She locks down her profiles like a dragon hoard, and only allows her closest friends to see her pics, avatars, stories, states or whatever, I fact she uses that as a marker of who are her friends. Piss her off and out you go off her whitelist.
And still she doesn’t want them to have pics of her face when she only wanted to show off her latest hoodie.
I have also observed they like extremely subtle coded messages in those apparently uninteresting pics.
Interesting beasts, teenagers.

Thanks for the insight! I figured there had to be more to it…

This doesn’t quite belong in the WTF thread, so I’ll put it here.
It’s North Dakota’s 2023 list of vanity plates that were rejected by the state.
And I’ll just add that I’m not hip enough to have any idea why some of those were banned, and I’m wondering who the poor folks are that had to go through and figure out which of these are offensive and why. Some are obvious, but others not.