Random thought thread!

Whoever it is was not a classic anime fan.

What just fell out of my ear. OMG where did that lump of wax come from? D:

But now you can hear much better!

You’re lucky it just fell out. I’ve had to go in to the doctor’s office a couple times to have them squirt water in there until it came out. I guess it’s not super uncommon, since they have a specific tool for it.

Oh, and each time they tell me a million times don’t use qtips. You just jam the wax in there and make it worse.

Best lap warmer award goes to Grace (our cat). I’ll be napping it out in this lazy boy :)

[A cat’s normal body temperature runs hotter than a human’s; it typically falls between 100.5–102.5° Fahrenheit.]

Times like that, I wish I could purr.

Why does zombieism only affect humans? Where are my zombie insects movies? Or zombie dinosaurs? Zombie trees?

Zom 100 (Anime on Netflix, not that great) has a zombie shark.

I like interpretations of zombie fiction where there is a zombie master, a villain who tortures the poor would-be zombie human into thinking they’re dead and beyond. But you need some intelligence beforehand to really pull that off. And probably a better grasp of the Voodoo religion and other Western and Central African beliefs than I do.

In stories where zombies are a metaphor for pandemics or societal trends, those usually don’t jump species.

But in stories where the undead are a host for some kind of fungal or eldritch puppeteer, sure, everything should be zombies!

As God is my witness, I thought Paul Michael Glaser was dead!

I could have sworn he died like in the 90’s. I was so sure of it, that when David Soul died recently, I remember thinking that Starsky and Hutch were now both gone. The last thing I remember Glaser doing was that ice skating movie that was fairly well-received. And then he tragically died sometime after that.

So today I started watching Starsky And Hutch: The Pilot Movie, (which, wow, TV has come a long way since 1975), and decided to look up the actors, and was amazed to find he is still alive. For like 30 years, I was completely convinced he was dead.

He did endure a tragedy with his family during that time. He lost his wife and daughter due to contracting HIV through a blood transfusion in 1981. The daughter died three years later at age 7. The son also contracted it, but lived. So anyway, maybe I read about that when his wife died in 1994, and somehow got it into my head that he had died? I’m happy he’s still around!

So what is your favorite deodorant? For me it’s Old Spice original stick formula, hands down. My dad wore it and it just smells great, a combination of citrus and clove, apparently, and it’s been around for about 100 years. I try other stuff occasionally out of curiosity but nothing smells quite as good and clean, so I always come back.

Tom’s unscented deodorant. I know it’s infamously less functional than antiperspirant, but I’m not a super sweaty guy and I hate ruining perfectly good clothes with antiperspirant.

I am a super sweaty guy who has unbelievable problems with any deodorant or antiperspirant over the last years. To the point I couldn’t wear anything at all for a few years which had the predictable result (stinky boy). Whether it was aluminum free etc my pits would itch unbelievably.

Then my wife brought home a sample of “Native” deodorant. Problem solved and I’m able to use pretty much any variety of Native. They have both sensitive skin options and regular options and I can tolerate all versions. Are their scents overpowering (I do like nice scents mind you!)? No, nice but very subtle. I can use Vanilla and Sandalwood (paraben and aluminum free) or Cotton and Lilly (this is one they say is for sensitive skin and is aluminum free and baking soda free). Very little sweating, lasts all day, no walking around scratching my pits like the simian I play in real life! And stinky boy syndrome eliminated.

Putting it out there for other sufferers. Tom’s and the other zilliion “sensitive skin” varieties (I tried many !) didn’t work past a few days, but Native does the trick for me.

Lanvin, from L’Homme. Most aftershaves, I don’t really smell them myself, but that one is really nice. As for my wife: Light Blue from Dolce & Gabanna. That was the only time I asked a collegue what perfume she was wearing, so I could buy it for my wife…

Edit: and it took me only a day to realize we are talking deodorants here, not after shaves. Never mind me…

I used degree antiperspirant, sport I think? Since as long as I can remember. Worked great. No idea what people thought of the smell. A couple years ago I started noticing discoloration in the skin in my armpits. So I switched to aluminum free deodorant, and its taken a while, but has went away.

Been using everyman jack, sandlwood. Really not happy with how long it lasts in a day. On days at work that Im really moving, or its hot out, Im stinking by lunch. Picked up a can of the native, with the intention of reapplying thru the day, but honesty just forget about it, since Im busy.

I should try just using the native in the morning, and seeing if its better.

Mennen Speed Stick deodorant, whatever the ‘regular’ flavor is. It’s got a dark green cap.

Weirdly enough, my wife uses the same brand, which weirded me out when we first got married (“this is a man’s deodorant, dammit!”) but now it seems normal.

as people get older i think they get to a point where they won’t give bigger shits. they’re just done.

I remember using that for a while, but went back to Old Spice (the deodorant, not the antiperspirant). The Mennen Speed Stick (whose wide-stick form factor everyone is using now) as I recall has no alcohol, so I guess it’s less irritating for some people. The alcohol in deodorant has never been a problem for me and I think it inhibits the bacteria growth a bit better.

My gf and I and some friends went to Wing Fest in dutchess couny NY. Pathetic. Never again. Paid $138 for 2 VIP tickets which got us in an hour and a half earlier than general admission but the line was effed. Supposed to get in at 3:30, didnt get in till 4:10 (gen admission 5). The wings were pitiful pigeon wings that I wouldn’t serve to anyone out of embarrassment. At least parking free ugh

That’s me when it comes to deodorant. There’s no fighting what I smell like after digging clay or building sheds for 5 or 7 hours. So I just smell like human male.

Truly, Grocery Outlet’s (colloquially known as Gross Out’s) wine section doth give and take away. I recently tried to find more of a beautiful, buttery smooth Sangiovese I’d bought one bottle of on the previous trip. Of course it was all gone.

So I made the mistake of buying a bottle of something that was supposed to be a 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon from an outfit in California called Upstream. “Lodi Appellation” and “Truckee River” said the label. What it also said (and I missed, which is on me) was Alcohol 15.26% by volume.

When I poured the first sip of course I was bowled over by the extreme booziness, but also by the fact that it was sweet of all things. In what world is a Cab sweet?

Just vile and undrinkable swill for $11.99. And worse it was a “pick” of the “wine steward” of the store.