Random thought thread!

Just get your passport renewed. It’s good to have anyway. It lasts for 10 years.

Well, I just got the email saying I have to submit this stuff or take it by the SSA office by June 15th, so there’s no time for a passport renewal before that date. I guess we’ll see if an expired passport will do. Gonna go into the office with a large water bottle, my Kindle and phone, and maybe a Subway sandwich. My hospital birth record is from Guatemala, but my (expired) passport shows my age and a pic of what I looked like in my mid-late 40’s, so I hope it’ll be enough. If not I guess no SSA retirement bennies for me till I get my passport renewed AND reapply. :frowning: Luckily I have sufficient liquid non-401K savings in the bank to tide me over for a couple of years when added to my 401k disbursements and very small company pension.

To be clear I do mean to renew my passport in any case, not that I’m traveling what with taking care of my aged mother with memory issues but it’s my only citizenship document and my only chance to get a Real ID driver’s license.

When you renew it get the card too… that way you have a backup. Then when you renew it again, only renew the passport and keep the card in case they lose it.

Not a bad idea, thanks.

Not being technically inclined I shall try to post a .wav fine here. If it doesn’t work you can imagine the meditative drone of the third annual cicada cycle I’ve xp’d here in Il.

Bah humbug it didn’t work.

try this, easy to use tool

Thank you wisefool! That did the trick (you can hear them though I’m sure I could have posted it in a better fashion).

Note to self: when driving through the sun-blasted Central Valley for hours on end wearing your prescription sunglasses, remember to switch to your regular ones before dusk and getting to I-80 on the way to San Francisco, where many drivers apparently think 75 MPH is the minimum speed.

(I was almost at the Bay Bridge before I realized why everything was getting so dark.)

Action cicada shot. Outside window, spinning so blurry. Here we see Mr. Spider has caught his yearly dinner quota in his web.

Very random thought: since we have so many smart people and also a subset of those smart people are science people, have any of you heard of Solunar Tables?

From the article it’s more than a bit iffy, there’s not much to suggest that so many animals would be tide-sensitive. However, the way my father used them (and yes, I have used them) is the general idea that various animals are active at the same time during the day. The reason it occurred to me is I’m sitting in the sunroom enjoying the weather, look up, and there’s a rabbit. A few minutes later, there are a dozen cowbirds. Then the groundhog comes out to roam.

Obviously there is an enormous amount of confirmation bias available here. Plus I haven’t looked at the tables for today, but I’m going to check and see if 4:20 was a peak activity time as predicted. Not arguing for it, just a fun countryism y’all might enjoy.

It would be weird if fish in tidal waters were not affected by tides

Well. The moon affects when the lights are on at night yeah? So if there’s lights out, I’m gonna go hunting. If it was a new moon I’d stay inside my den. That means I’m hungrier earlier so I have to go out earlier in the morning.

The suffering continues. After spending my whole off week more or less obsessively cleaning and spraying the carpets upstairs, the flea infestation seemed to be under control. Until two days ago, when suddenly i had several bites again. I stepped into the apparently sealed garage again to let loose with another bomb, spending quite literally about 2 seconds at most, and when i sat into some light into the bathroom, i was covered with fleas on my legs and shoes, at least 7 or 8. I basically ran into the bathtub, all clothes and shoes, let the water run to the top, and bathed fully clothed, dumping dish detergent in the tub and soaking everything for a long time.

Spending the whole day throwing away, vacuuming, and basically starting from scratch again. I have an appointment at 8am tomorrow with an exterminator as clearly this isn’t something i can handle.

It’s increasingly looking like 1) everything i own in the garage is going to have to be thrown away, which is basically 1/4 of the stuff i’ve accumulated during my life, 2) i’m going to have to nuke the whole house from orbit, either by exterminator, or bug bomb every room.

If the outside of your house looks like this:

Make sure the inside doesn’t look like this:

I hope you have a happy discovery that you didn’t actually need a bunch of that stuff in your garage, and you are freed of your burden. I had a similar incident when my basement flooded years ago and I wound up having to throw away a ton of stuff - that I now don’t really miss.

I have a secret dream of raising goats. I’m a goat man. I think they’re fricken awesome creatures, really stubborn and full of mischief and cleverness - clearly controlled by the devil. They’re pleasing to all of my occult heavy metal synapses.

But after watching When Evil Lurks, and having seen The Witch, I’m like “Am I sure I’m ready for that?”. I dunno, it seems kinda risky.

Goats are awesome.
So is the ibex.

Alpha Protocol Harum.

We used to have a nearby neighbor with Pygmy goats, they were really cute. We have other neighbors with Barbosa sheep that look interesting. I had a friend who lived near Monterey that raised sheep for milk and meat. We had dinner there once and the goat meat and cheese were delicious, but she eventually got burned out on them because of how clean she kept them and their pen.

Wait, why is Brian Cox doing a nature documentary?

Oh man, so cool of you to share that.

I question Brian Cox as a narrator, who I know well from the Infinite Monkey Cage Podcast - I mean obviously he’s getting completely sidetracked by the physics of salt here - and the horror soundtrack.

But I love watching goats climb, and I love the ibex! They’re so majestic.

I’m the only person in my group of friends who isn’t tattooed, largely because I’m too picky and neurotic to settle on anything, but I’ve had the idea for a while now of getting an ibex. If I ever do pull the trigger, that’ll be what I’m going for.

I don’t know anything about the different breeds, but I’ve heard that they’re super hard to keep because they’re geniuses at finding weak points in fences and what not. That’s how it is with intelligent species. It’s another reason why I love them. I wouldn’t want to be kept in a pen either!

I’ve also had goat before, and it was delicious.

However, watching When Evil Lurks and The Witch has taught me that if you’re gonna keep goats, it’s extremely important that you don’t hurt them, and that you seek to bargain with them if they start speaking human to you.

Ha! I wrote the above reply to Giles before I saw your post.

It couldn’t be his soothing dialect, could it?