Random thought thread!

Do the shadow people include a slinky slime snail?


“By Tuesday I’ll be screwing an octopus.”

Sadly, I am still not rich in goats.

My dad traveled to Bhutan once, and he said it was unbelievably beautiful, but the government handlers - which I guess were mandatory for visitors - were creepy.

So Saturday night (a few hours ago actually), I brought up on my big computer screen the photo of the layout of the area where Trump’s “big incident” took place, and my gf was behind me on the sofa across the room, and I was pointing out “…and this is where the sniper was.”

And she glanced up from her phone and said, “Uh huh,” and looked back at her phone and exclaimed, “OMG Rick Springfield was in Fargo in May and I missed it!”

I really do envy her and her priorities.