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For school I am supposed to follow a lesson plan and complete assignments on a big educational site called Cengage. Yesterday I get online to do my first assignment, and I cannot connect to the site. In Firefox, Chrome and IE11 I get privacy/security warnings followed by 404 errors. For the entire cengage.com domain. So I load the site on my phone and it works like it’s supposed to. The phone is on the same wifi as my computer, BTW. Hours later it occurs to me to try connecting from using a virtual machine. So I load a Mint live disk inside VMWare and find out I am able to connect to the site using Firefox. VMWare is installed on the same host computer as the one I’m unable to connect with. The school’s IT department doesn’t know what is happening. I’m still waiting for a response from Cengage support. My instructor is worried. I have a test due at midnight. It’s 10pm.

Anyway, it turns out that several years ago for some old assignment in a different course at a different school I forgot about I for some reason added the cengage.com domain to my hosts file. WTF? The IP address I listed next to it was several years old and now apparently defunct. I removed the line from the hosts file and now I can connect again. I got lucky I think, because troubleshooting this could have gone on for another week without anyone figuring out what the problem was.


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Hey, I did some of this last night! The Refugee Education Center folks have expanded into new territory in their building, and that included moving the office printer. They got it all moved and plugged in but could no longer print, so I got the call to look into it. All the hardware looked properly positioned to me, but I couldn’t ping the printer so something was up with the networking. Tried another device in the same Ethernet port (labeled A-17) and no love there either, so I went looking for a networking gap.

Turns out that as part of the move, they’d had a guy come in to hook up all the Ethernet ports in the new section of the office. (It’s an old building, no Ethernet connections in the original construction.) And he did a great job, on ports in each office and the entrance area. He just forgot the printer room! There was a nice empty port right on the patch panel for A-17. Tracked down a patch cord, plugged A-17 into the hub, and viola - everything works.


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