Random TV Questions

So we don’t seem to have a random TV thread and whilst watching TV this week, I had the following question:

If you are TV casting person, and you need an actor to play an evil and/or frustratingly bureaucratic G-Man, government apparatchik or other functionary, do you go with:

a)Michael Gaston


b)David Marciano

Asked b/c these dudes are like everywhere always playing the same guy.

Feel free to add your random TV questions and/or answer as you see fit.

Gaston for evil, Marciano for frustrating/satirical.

I believe that is the correct answer.

Here’s another, not based on the similarity of the roles so much as to what looks to me like the similarity of the faces:

David Morrissey


Sean Cameron Michael

To me, they look like the same guy.

They’re both shopkeepers. First one is a florist, second one is an antique store.

Spot on!