Rant about "Support Forums"

I’m having problems with a computer I built. Could be memory, could be software, could be power supplies, whatever. I’ll find it and fix it.

What I want to bitch about is support. The motherboard is an MSI motherboard, and for support, you’re directed to the forums.

The forums are filled with people who, after the 99th time of having to ask what type of power supply and what the specs are, are bitter and full of rage at anyone who doesn’t spend half an hour reading every single previous thread on the subject.

My last MSI board had issues too – until new drivers Nvidia came out, the Nforce1 would black screen and freeze whenever lots of sounds were being played. Response to that after a while: “Stop asking these questions about why your board doesn’t work.”

Yes, these guys are unpaid – so I’m trying to figure out:

  1. Why in hell do they stick around doing “support” - for free?
  2. What’s with the fucking attitude?
  3. Why does MSI let this elitist crap fly?

Support forums with active participation by paid supprt employees are good things. Support forums with elitist dicks aren’t.

It allows them to talk amongst themselves. At first, it’s fun to help people out. Then it gets boring. And finally annoying. So all that’s left is that they want to talk amongts themselves. Posts for help are then just getting in the way.