[rant] Browser and pen computing

I’m one of the few people who loves pen computing. I use a Surface Pro as my main computer. Thus I was presently surprised when Windows update 1803 brought back the on screen keyboard pop up when you touched a text input with the stylus. That was a feature years and years age that should never have gone away. Long story short BlueMoon doesn’t support it and Firefox Quantum supports it but the right click [click and hold with the pen] is very inconsistent and brings up a menu that is huge with loads of blank space as if they expected a fat finger not a pen. Firefox 60.0.1 and Windows 1803 work fine together on my desktop.

I might have to go back to Chrome although I remember hating how it handled bookmarks (extra clicks to get to them if I remember correctly).

Yeah, that’s a great feature. it also works when tapping around the ‘save’ screen window popups when writing file names in graphic software, etc. And I have to say, it does a great job recognizing my chicken scrawl.

I go back and forth on whether I use the one hand touch keyboard or the handwriting input but either way the popup makes it so easy to use the Surface Pro without a keyboard.

After a bunch of searching yesterday I found that the Basilisk browser handles bookmarks nicely, has an interface that fits my muscle memory, supports the pop up keyboard, and responds correctly to right clicking a link. I’d prefer to use Firefox, Chrome, or Edge just to stay current but none of them work as well.

Good to know! I, too am a huge fan of pen computing, going back to XP tablet edition and my trusty old Toshiba Portege M200. I finally bought a Surface Pro 5 a few months ago, and just last week got a pen for it, but haven’t had much time to play around with it yet.

My biggest frustration is the size of the handwriting input panel on the switch from XP/7 to 8/10. It used to be so small, and honey at the side of the screen when you need it. Now it’s this huge thing that takes up too much screen real estate, and doesn’t seem to reliably pop up when you want it. I think they made the changes in favor of their Win8 touch-centric interface, but it’s been an annoyance. Eh.

Windows update 1803 seems to have made it pop up more reliably and in more places but the handwriting input is still bigger and not quite as nice as back in the XP Table edition (Motion 1400 was what I used at that point).