Rap documentary?

Is there a rap documentary that traces the rise of rap, west coast east coast rivalry, all the various trivia ken burns style that’s also pretty good? I’m just curious. It seems like there are a lot available, because if I do a google search, I see more than a few pages that list the “Top 15 rap documentaries” etc, but there these java pop up abomination sites that require you to click through dozens of pages, which I could do, but it makes me crazy thinking of all the spyware that’s probably being loaded onto my computer, and I basically just wonder if the conventional wisdom holds one or two above all others, not really interested in a comprehensive picture of every documentary every created about rap.

Really? Bupkis?* :)

*Not sure about the spelling.

No idea.

On a whim, I checked to see if VH1 had anything like this, since it seems like the kind of thing they’d do. There’s a whole series called Rock Docs, although I can’t speak for their quality. Their website is atrocious, and I can’t see listings for any of the episodes past 110, but there are a couple that might be relevant.

Check out Beef, it’s on Netflix. Though putatively about rivalries, it’s comprehensive, going back to Moe Dee/Busy Bee and covering the original shift from DJ focus at dance clubs to MC focus and rap.

Thanks for the head’s up guys. My oldest son who is in his late 20s now mentioned watching something like this with his step-dad and he had such a glow in his face when he told me. It’s the one thing I want to do with my teenage son now that he’s so into Eminem, but I’m a total dofus when it comes to music, forever locked into 70s pop it seems. I’m going to give Beef a preview and see if it feels like a good experience.

Eminem? Weird. It weirds me out a little when young people listen to music that I listened to in my teens. I’m like “aren’t you supposed to think that’s old person music?”

Heh. Eminem is the one we both like, so he’s the one I mention. It weirded me out to see the bleached blonde one the other day and discover he’s like over 40 now? Somehow he will always be 20something to me.

My son and I are going to see Easy E or Jay Z or someone in a few weeks. The names all sounds the same to me, so I probably have it wrong.

We saw a dude named Logic (that is his right name, I remember now that I’ve seen him) last year and it was a freaking blast. I had never heard of him before and I’m not really into his music, but it was just the energy in the room. I went up into this balcony part where the bar was and my son crowded into the bullpen for teenagers below. I thought it was great. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Dumb idea,

But wander around YouTube for all the classic Beastie Boys videos. Hilarious, and a great 30 year capsule of rap.

That would be an amazing show. He has been dead for almost 20 years :)

You and your kid could get a lot of enjoyment out of Slam Nation. It is a documentary about spoken word competitions. While technically it is not rap, it hits a lot of the same beats.

This is kinda like telling someone to read through GatFacts for a survey course on firearms.

I mean, I like the Beasties like every other white kid now in his 30s, but a “great 30 year capsule of rap” they are not.

Meh, sure they were never “gangster” but they changed styles with every album, and the quality of their videos can’t be argued. Maybe they’re a capsule of happy rap, let the rest of the angst around in their limos.