Rappers just want to be Pimps

There’s a great article on CNN about how rappers are in a transition phase from being nerdy black guys pretending to be gangsters to nerdy black guys pretending to be pimps. Leading the charge? Snoop Doggy Dawg:

“It’s cool to look good, it’s cool to have girls on your arm, and get money from them, and that’s a good feeling, you dig? There ain’t nothing wrong with it,” he told The Associated Press in a recent interview.

“We’re teaching people how to hustle and how to look good,” he said. “I’d rather be a pimp than a gang-banger, because I grew up being a gang-banger, and I tell you, you live longer being a pimp.”

There are so many great quotes here…

Chris Rock was appalled by “Lil’ Pimp,” a cartoon movie in the works about a child pimp.

Recently, though, pimp appeal is peaking.

Snoop says pimp culture showed him how to carry himself with style and pride.

“I wanted to look good and feel good about myself,” he says. “Those are qualities that you get from a pimp that everybody’s not really understanding.”

“[People] just think it’s, take money from a girl and slap her and send her to the corner, but nah, it’s other things about this pimpin’ that you really don’t even know,” he adds. “[It’s about] the freedom of the females and the thought of a female getting you money.”

“We’ve been pimped since we were ripped from the underbelly of Africa,” says Banner.

And this magical photo:

Stop being a racist DrCrypt. How dare you make implied criticisms of pimp culture?

Your mom must have failed in your moral education, probably since she was so busy out collecting money for your dad.


And in other news, girls just wanna have fun

Ice-T’s Pimpin’ 101 is almost worth watching for non-masturbatory reasons. Discover why “the Carpet Ho” is his favorite variety of ho!

Spoofy, don’t make me ride forth on the donkey metaphor Brian Koontz stole from me to defend what I care about most - telling Tyrion Lannister he’s the most idiotic greasy frog lover this side of the Quebecois.

I had to read this sentence 4 times before I gave up on understanding it!

I did get the following points though:

Tyrion Lannister uses brill-cream in his hair.

Brian Koontz is a livestock salesman.

I guess it’s an improvement…

Did anyone see the Player Hater’s Ball on the Chappelle Show? It was hosted by Ice-T. Silky Johnson won Player Hater of the Year for calling in a bomb threat to the Special Olympics.

The Chapelle Show is the bestest!