Ratbag Games closed down


Any insight onto why Midway spent $7 million on this just to shut it down 4 months later? I’m presuming they thought Ratbag could do some cheap next gen console development games for them but then changed their mind…

No comments from Midway management -> sounds like a fuck-up to me. Their planning may have been wrong, or there were some managerial ego-trips involved.

I can’t say I have any experience with their more recent stuff, but their Powerslide wasn’t a bad little futuristic racing game.


powerslide was one of the best lanparty games ever. Especially in the smear the queer mode, whatever it was called.

Ratbag did great with the Dirt Track Racing games. I always hoped they’d make a more realistic simulation-style one, but that looks like a pipe dream now. I was hoping I’d get one more next-gen Sprint Car racing game from them. They just never quite got it right, but the games were still super entertaining.