Ratchet and Clank


I will never doubt Erik Wolpaw again.


Yes, the game is quite good. Hard to believe that after completing it I was once filled with doubt about forking over $40 for this gem. Sitting in the store pacing back and forth wondering if I should even bother despite the good press. I wanted a game to play at the time(Metroid was still a couple weeks away) and there I was holding what is possibly the best action platformer adventure released this year (That Mario game sure didn’t put up much of a fight if you ask me) and I almost skipped out on this if not for a lick of faith.

Speaking of completing the game, this is one of the few videogames in SEVERAL years that I have immediately restarted a new game the moment the end credits finished. Didn’t even give the PS2 a chance for a breather! Gold weapons and skill point challenges awaited, there was still much left to be done! I had no qualms about playing the game twice over (for several extended hours in at least) in the same sitting as I had faced the final boss. When was the last time you can recall doing the same?

Universal Interactive owned me, I became putty in their creative hands. Still, I would give my left nut for an unlockable hard mode! Why should the New Game+ not bring with it an increased difficulty standard with which to REALLY enjoy those unlockable and upgraded toys?

Proof solid that the PS2 is still on top of its game. Ratchet and Clank is yet another rocking fun game out for the PS2 this year. I love the fact that you are rewarded with a functional weapon/item/upgrade for almost every single mission you complete in the game. There is no better incentive for moving on than the promise of expanded gameplay at every step of the way. And every single useable thingy you get is lots of fun to use.

Hey, I gave this sadly overlooked title some love, too, here! Taking the classic 3D platforming approach and adding in large amounts of creative weaponsry is a recipe I wish the industry had picked up on sooner. Plus, I really dig the massive, largely linear levels - always new sights, and less SMS jungle gym frustrations.

Ratchet and Clank > SMS

Is it really doing that badly here? I heard they were bundling it with the PS2 in Japan and that it’s quite popular there.

I heard a lot about Sly Cooper before release, but not much about this game. Not that Sly didn’t deserve the notice…

Maybe it was because each console had a hyped platformer coming out around the same time, with Mario and Blinx and Sly. Seems like this one came in under the radar.

It’s a solid game so far, but I’m mainly impressed with how doggone good it looks. This really is amazing for the Playstation 2. I guess after playing Vice City, I had notched my expectations down a bit.

Granted, R&C isn’t dealing with the same issues as Vice City. But still. I’d say this game easily looks as good as Metroid on the Gamecube.


The last 3D platformer I played made gave me the old panty-waist, sissy-boy nausea thing. You guys think Hatchet and Crank will similairly afflict me? Maybe I should go ahead and pick up a case of dramamine.

You guys think Hatchet and Crank will similairly afflict me?

That’s weird that a 3D platformer made you sick. Unfortunately, R&C is pretty conventional in the way the camera moves: you use an analog stick to swirl it around, tap a button to snap the view behind the character, and hold the button down to jump into 1P view. If that sort of thing makes you queasy, R&C probably will, too.

However, if I were you, I’d just power through it. The game really is that solid.


Isn’t it based off the Jak and Daxter engine?

So… Ratchet or Sly? Anyone played both and have an opinion on which is better? I guess it might be important to note that I’m not generally a platformer type, especially when they’re too damn hard (ie, Maximo).

I’ve finished both to completion(100% unlocked completion), in many ways you can’t go wrong with either. If you are looking to guide a 3D persona through obstacle courses that involve quite a bit of jumping and dozens of secondary actions, then both titles offer imaginative and smart level layouts, great enemy placements, rewarding progression, and smart use of player abilities. It’s win-win pretty much.

The game with the furry alien however just seems to offer more. Between the two, Ratchet and Clank will last longer and most likely will keep you coming back afterwards. Sly is no slouch however, and unless hammering out $80+ for two action platformer gems that deserve attention to fans of the genre is too rich for your blood, then go with Ratchet and rent Sly down the road.

I know. I am a freak. I remember playing a Spyro demo and getting really nauseated. State of Emergency and Silent Hill II. FPS’s are right out, of course. I think I am beyond hope. God/whoever’s up there said, “No more hop, skip, jumping fun for you. And while we’re at it, no more nuthin’ that has a camera that revolves about your character either. Now will you stop downloading the girl-girl porn?”

At least I have a plethora of good strategy and RPG tiltes for the PS2 to look…oh wait…no I don’t.

You’re safe with the latest Spyro. It gives your eyes plenty of time to catch up before displaying the next frame.

Mmmm… Girl-girl poooorrrrnnnn…


I played the entire Halo campaing dosed on dramamine. Best. Gaming. Drug. Ever.

In the future, all games in which you have to collect little hearts or musical notes or whatever should use the Ratchet & Clank model of having those objects magically attracted to you so that they fly off the ground in swarms and come swooping into your body. It makes picking them up a lot less cumbersome, plus it’s really satisfying for some reason.

Either some of the R&C developers worked on MDK or they just liked MDK, because they stole MDK’s decoy dummy gadget and its level where you have to put on a robot costume in order to sneak by some robots. The games share a similar sense of humor as well.

collect little hearts or musical notes or whatever

Someone’s been playing a little too much Popeye.


That’s a pretty astute observation. I had forgotten almost entirely about that (horrible) game.


That’s a pretty astute observation. I had forgotten almost entirely about that (horrible) game.[/quote]

What! I played the crap out of that game. I am not sure why now, but the fact that we remember it from that long ago must mean it had something.