Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Now you're thinking with rifts

Seems like a game specifically designed with the thought “how can we show off the SSD?”

With that said, I’m disappointed that there’s a transition world between each world and that it’s not instantaneous. I guess the SSD isn’t magic after all.

This trailer makes me wish someone would use these fast SSDs to make an Amber game.

Holy shit!

It’s seriously impressive, Sony really starting to show off what their box can do and this and Returnal are still technically launch window games too from a dev point of view, so it’s going to be neat to see what Insomniac pulls off with the next game after this one. Also Insomniac have turned into quite the studio, this and Miles within a year of each other is pretty impressive.

15 minutes of gameplay from the early part of the game.

Yeah, I’ve not played any R&C (that I know of, I probably did see or rent it or something at some point?) but this video was incredible, so I’m probably going to pre-order.

More in depth on the accessibility features.


33.6 GB (lean!) and a Day 1 performance (60 FPS) with ray tracing (RT) mode patch. God, I love Insomniac.

Not sure about the game but keen to see what a PS5 exclusive looks like.

At the start they say this is mostly pre-day one patch and will have a separate video for 60fps RT mode later. Interested in that as that’s what I’m likely to go with (still have a 1080p TV)

I like how he comments on how detailed the random flying insects are. I remember that exact comment being made about Unreal’s insects compared to Quake 2’s black dot insects :)

Reviews overwhelmingly very positive so far too.

I’ve never put more than a couple hours into a Ratchet & Clank game but I may need to get this just to marvel at the tech.

Holy cow that looks gorgeous.

It really is amazing. We’re at least at early animated movies level of real-time rendering, in some ways more advanced than that. We still won’t be seeing that in most games, of course, because it requires really good artists combined with really good tech to make that vision come alive in real time.

I love the artist that Double Fine call “Bagel”, for instance, but I don’t know if Double fine has the technical programming skills requisite in making his weird art style really come alive in its fullest form. I guess we’ll see soon with the release of Psychonauts 2.

But this Ratchet game shows how much you can do with the “traditional” animated art style that’s similar to Pixar movies and such.

Believe in magic again!

One of the early trailer’s showpiece sequences, showed Ratchet launching through multiple dimensions in real-time. In the original demo, there were noticeable hiccups in performance as areas were loaded and unloaded, but it served as an impressive example of what was possible. This same sequence exists in the final game and these hiccups are eliminated completely

And no crunch! At least not from this designer who worked on the game. So play it guilt free, it’s been ethically sourced!

A little suffering might have got them 90.