Ray Donovan - Showtime

So I ended up watching this as my binge show of 2021.

Just finished season 5, and it’s really good. Lots of family drama and shit hitting the fan, some heartbreak too. Two more seasons to watch.

Looks like it is going to all wrap up with a movie in January.

Anyone else a fan?

Season 6 is complete, Ray is going through some shit, the family remains a mess yet stronger together than ever before.

The 99 cent /month Showtime deals on Amazon are great.


The movie did enough to wrap up most of the loose ends, sadly it was an entire season 8 of story crammed into less than 2 hours.

Gonna miss watching this fucked up family drama.

Lot of interest in Ray on qt3 I see :p

I watched the whole thing over the last month and enjoyed it. First three seasons the most, then it got weaker, but still ok. Movie wrapped it up pretty well. Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight were both awesome in this. Lot of fucked-updness and heartbreak. The actor who played young Mickey was also great.

Awe yeah, on our way to being able to use the dozens of us gif!