Raya and the Last Dragon

It’s… weird seeing parts of one’s culture onscreen represented in Disney of all things.

It felt like a store brand Avatar spinoff though.

I’ll watch it. ;)

We have Disney plus and we were going to watch this. But says you have to have Premier access. Does anyone know if all u get extra is the ability to watch new releases and how much extra it is

I liked this one. There’s not a lot of meat in it (standard adventure fare to an extent) but it’s beautifully made and fun to watch. Perhaps not a classic but better for me than, say, Frozen 2.

I think Premier just gives you access to this one movie. That’s it.

Yes, $30 one-time for movie or wait a month.

I thought it was 3 months?

It is 3 months

That’s right. I misspoke/typed.

Watching the trailer, that’s what I thought as well… a smart-talk-y, sassy Korra lookalike. It’ll probably be better than my first impressions, but it rubbed me the wrong way, speaking as somone who really liked Korra, the agency of the characters, depth to the villains’ motivations, etc.

That said, maybe the resemblances are only skin deep. Then it can sass all it wants.

Avatar has real filipino actor with Hook’s Rufio but this one only has a SE asian lead. Rest are east asian.

I just watched the trailer and I really wish there was professional voice actors in more movies.

Awkwafina’s voice is just her and it really stand out. Also, Raya’s voice is nothing memorable.

They ARE actors though. One is comedic and the other has previous work. Like in Star Wars. It’s just not celebrity stunt casting.

You’re right but it’s just Awkwafina’s voice really stands out and was extremely distracting.

I think they were going for the Eddie Murphy as Mushu schtick.

So, this is free on Disney+ now. Kids and I watched it last night. I found it to be good, but not great. It’s a beautiful world, certainly. And the adventure/Indiana Jones parts are quite good. But I had some problems with it that definitely reduced my enjoyment. The kids liked it just fine.

My main problem was the dragon itself. It’s visually super unimpressive, like an elongated tribble? And the personality of the dragon was off-putting as well, the wacky, wisecrackin’ dragon? Didn’t work for me at all. When she’s being serious it was more palatable..

The central message of you should trust people even if they have proved themselves to be untrustworthy doesn’t seem like a good one. Like, at all. And even with that, at the end, what are they trusting her to do? They’re clearly all going to die. She can either save them or also die. Not a lot of actual trust involved.

Also, there was one giant plot hole and/or unexplained magic thing that drove me nuts. 500 years ago, the dragons did the magic thing, which banished the purple spirit things, and de-stoned all the humans, but none of the dragons. So when the humans do the same magic thing, why does it de-stone all the humans and all the dragons? This seems like a pretty central issue to just hand-wave away. They never explain why the dragons didn’t de-stone the first time!

Oh, and the ninja baby and monkeys.. That’s just ridiculous. Whatever.

I think this time it worked because of the reduction in discord amongst the humans. According to Sisu, that was the origin of the enemy. And after the first attempt, there was still plenty of strife. This was it done right.

This was pretty good. The kid loved it and has already watched it like four times.

The baby was terrible, of course, as babies always are.

I thought it was pretty mediocre, also they fix/save the world with a corporate team building trust exercise!

I enjoyed it. Not a perfect film by any stretch nor one I plan to rewatch, but definitely a worthwhile use of my time.