Razer edge handheld


I’m in

It’s kind of more interesting when viewed as an Android tablet than a gaming device. But does 6.8" even qualify as a tablet these days?

And even if you’re only looking for game streaming the steam deck is the same price. Doesn’t compare for pure streaming against that OLED screen but hey, maybe you want the option of playing local games too?

I’ve looking for something to play Diablo immortal on, was gonna buy a Kishi or backbone but that means removing my phone case each time. This seems like it will complement my steam deck nicely.

What I want is my 11” iPad Pro with removable side controllers running the steam deck os.

I just don’t have many games I want to play on iOS is the problem, and I assume android is the same. And remote streaming only works well in house, sucks the instant I travel unless I get super lucky.

Ars is dubious:

It’s here. I upgraded to the 5g version

Returned it. Not ready for prime time IMO. Android is a gdamn mess on top of the slow cloud gaming

Well that went nowhere slowly. :)

Glad you got your money back, Kadath.

Thanks. I should have listened to you all here but it ended well

Sorry to hear it didn’t live up to expectations. It seemed like an interesting concept, but I couldn’t quite get the use case to make sense in my mind. The 21:9 screen in particular seems like a bizarre choice, guaranteeing wasted space on nearly everything you’d likely want to play on it.

Yeah I wouldn’t buy anything with Android. It need to be able to play iOS games or Steam games.

If you were mainly getting this to play Android games like Diablo Immortal, why woudln’t this work for that? Also, I stream games to my tablet and phone often without issues, is there something specific to this device that was making it slow?

Just deck it

Nah, Android makes way more sense than iOS for a gaming-focused device like this.

We can assume that cloud streaming is a wash either way, and most mobile games are available on both platforms. iOS would give you a decent library of exclusives and Apple Arcade, but large chunks of that library are portrait-mode-only, or don’t support gamepad controls. But Android gives you good-quality emulators for consoles up through the PS2/GameCube generation, which is effectively an inexhaustible supply of great games designed for gamepad controls.

But that pitch makes more sense if the Steam Deck didn’t exist, or if you’re talking about an Android device that comes in significantly cheaper, like the Ayn Odin. At $400, I don’t see the appeal.

At a comparable price to the steam deck I guess the advantages are a much nicer screen and it’s quite a bit lighter. I agree though, at that price point it’s a bit hard to compete with the Steam Deck.

I kind of want to pick up a Logitech G Cloud if it can go on sale for around $250 at some point. I just want something with a nice screen that I can lay in bed and stream games to.

I wonder if I would have given it more of a chance if I didnt have a steam deck.