Razer Products: a tale of fightsticks?


Yeah, I think the MadCatz sticks are pretty well designed, I just don’t want to buy from a company that is likely on the verge of collapse. I worry about both corner cuts at manufacture due to lack of working capital as well as support down the road.

Plus the retail on the Qanba was $30 less than the TE2+. But yeah, that ease of modding the TE2 looks pretty nice.

Also this thing looks like a spaceship! :)


Under no circumstance should you buy any Razer product that has any rubber surfaces glued to the main body. They use cheap glue that will eventually break down.


I’ve found that true of MS mice as well. The little pads just disappear. My Logitech G502 has large pads that don’t get clogged with crap. Logitech FTW.


Just thought I’d throw my support behind Razer - have been using an Arctosa keyboard for 7 years now with no issues and a Death Adder mouse for 8 years (though I did need to get something minor fixed on that one about 2 years ago).

No idea how their fightsticks are though!


Personally, I get whatever is cheaper between the Razer and the Qanba.

I use a last-gen Razor stick for my home stick- I got it on woot for like $50 because I wanted a stick that would do SF5 without 3rd-party input needed and would also play KI. It’s really good, but I used a Qanba before that and it was really good also. I’ve also used a HRAP, and it’s ok, but not as good as the other 2.

The only issue with Razors was constant plugging in and out caused some spectacular failures including EVO grand final sets in 2015, no idea if the new Razors have this issue- but I think the issue only pops up for offline tournament players.

The one thing you’d want to research is input delay on the sticks- a google search should handle that.

If you’re sticking to home play- a last-gen stick would suffice.

From the sounds of others not recommending Razer, I’d go with Qanba.


Yeah, I decided to pre order the Qanba. Both have pros and cons, but it seems like Razer can be a bit hit or miss with their stuff. I’m sure both would probably be great, but I needed to decide somehow.

I do like that the Razer can be modded without voiding the warranty though.