RE: LotR III - YoooooooHooooooo. Adam!

The Lords of the Realm page has a link to pre-order LotR III from (shipping Sept. 9th). Here’s a guess: It may be pushed back just a few days? Do I win?

OK seriously. :wink: How’s it going? I have seen precious little trickle out and since DaveC won’t tell me a specific date for the PC version of KotOR, then I figure it is time to start hounding you for a little intel on Lords III. You can tell me I won’t tell anybody.

I don’t mean to rain on your parade, Ty, but really, what has this game got that Medieval: Total War hasn’t got better? Reading the previews and looking at the screenshots, LOTR3 seems to me like nothing so much as a somewhat anemic version of M:TW.

Anyway, the Gamespot preview linked on the LOTR3 site dates from April of this year, and describes the game’s then-current state as “pre-alpha.” Since when does a major release go from pre-alpha to gold in five months? I’d say it’s a good bet that you win this one.

I know that Ty means “Ooooooh Adam” to sound like a Southern Bell dangling her handkerchief. The Yankee equivalent of “YoooHooo!”

But every time I read this thread, it sounds to me like Ty is in the throes of passion. And I feel a little sick.

OK, Bub. In the interest of everyone keeping their breakfasts/lunches down, I changed it. :)

This is wrong.

LOTR3 will have detailed castle building. MTW does not have this. QED.

Spoof, you need a “therefore” before the QED.

But let me grant your point and emend my statement to read: “…LOTR seems to me like nothing so much as a somewhat anemic version of M:TW with detailed castle building.”


Now you’re 100% correct.


Funny… VUI implies an HL2 delay and Adam is nowhere to be found. Hmmm…

I hope the incessant teasing about the review copies didn’t drive him away. It’s FUN to have a Qt3 charicature built around you!

I’m here - I just don’t have anything valuable to add to this thread yet. Soon.

I’ve always enjoyed the Lords of the Realm games. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this next one.

You see, Adam is following the “SpoofyChop Doctrine,” which states that people involved in game projects should be careful about talking about the projects too heavily.

Yay Adam!

(Ok, now that we’ve distracted everybody, what cool stuff is gonna be in LOTR, just between you and me. 8) )


Can you change the name of this thread to LOTR 3 or something more meaningful?

I know this would be the second name change, but help a brother out…

Thanks Adam. I am going to quit berating. I promise. Can you at least give us yea or nay on a Sept. 9th release date? If not, your silence will be answer enough. :wink:

There. Damn, how am I going to infuse more spam throughout Qt3 if I have to do thread maintenance on all of my posts. Hmmmm, maybe if I just made my initial topic more clear…nah!


I take back all the sladerous things I said about you in the past year.

Your pal,


No you don’t. It’s just that it usually follows a full argument, instead of an implied one.

Let me try again.


I’m awesomer than everybody else.


Everybody else is less awesome than me, therefore I’m awesomer than everybody else. QED.

Is this better?


Flawless logic, Mr. Chop.

As for Mr. Sharp, you’re quite wrong, sir. Q.E.D. stands for Quod Erat Demonstrandum, which means, roughly, “Being what it was required to demonstrate,” “demonstration” being the technical name for a particular, very well-defined kind of proof. Obviously, without a statement of what has been demonstrated, “Q.E.D.” has no referent. Therefore, one is required.


Wow, that was like a meta-proof.



Hell’s Bells. Adam has spoken. EB release date: 11/11/03. (For what that’s friggin’ worth)

I will be able to get this on September 2nd, though: