Re4 (pc)

So, for a while now I have been waiting for RE4 to release on the 360, which by the way looks like it’s not going to happen. I happen upon a copy for the PC at WalMart the other night for $20.00, so I jumped on it like a fat kid to a cake. Only to reach home to play this game and realize how bad it sucks. Not because of the game play which I am sure would be fine, if you can control your character to do what it takes to survive.

What the hell was UBSOFT thinking when they released the Pc version of such a great game? Why would Capcom let it be degraded to this? Is it truly that hard to configure mouse and keyboard controls? It is just horrid; I made it as far as the first house in the game where you have to jump through a window. At that point the game goes to hell. Using the arrow keys and the WASD keys to walk and shoot, don’t work out to well, at least for me. I am really wishing I got Half life 2 instead. Since PC games are not returnable what are your suggestions for overcoming the short falls of this game?

I think there’s supposed to be a fan mod out there that enables the mouse. I plan to pick it up on the PS2 at some point, I guess. Either that or wait for this PC version to drop to nearly nothing. It really is unbelievable that in this day and age mouselook would not be supported in a PC game. What is this, 1993?

It’s not really surprising that Capcom would fuck up a PC port of a great console game, though. They’ve never done a good job with them at all. Lost Planet came close in terms of looks and performance (although you need a helluva system to play it well), but they left all the menu settings completely console-ized to the point where many of them don’t even make sense.

That is why I’m a bit worried about a possible Dead Rising port for the pc. I wonder if they’ll make shooting viable with the keyboard and mouse. From the brief time I played it on the 360, I had a hard time aiming . Also the problem with the text I hope is fixed.

There’s a launcher that kludges your mouse into acting as a joystick. (Since the game does accept gamepad input.) Don’t be fooled. You can adjust sensitivity and so forth, but no matter what you do it’s not true mouse support. And is, at least for me, less playable than just using a gamepad.

I had the same frustrations with RE4’s PC controls, so I picked up a cheap PC gamepad. It made the game about 400x more playable.

Yeah, the problem isn’t really that it wasn’t ported well, the game would have to be redesigned almost entirely for proper mouse and keyboard support. It plays best with a controller on any platform, but at the end of the day, it’s still a Resident Evil game, and for some reason that’s a license to make you work to get used to the control scheme while still being regarded as one of the top 5 games of all time (or something like that, by Edge magazine).

RE4 on Wii is the definitive experience. PC style aiming, A-grade port.

I play RE4 PC with a wired Xbox 360 pad and find it very enjoyable.

The “non shit” graphics patch helps.

Apparently there’s a small world of retexture and remodel modifications out there. I’ve not tried any personally.

Are you talking about the official patch, or are there fan-made mod(s) as well?

I just use the official patch but I believe there are fan-made higher res texture packs out there.

I bought a used Gamecube + the game instead.
GCs are dirt cheap on ebay.

Already picked up some more nice games (Pikmin etc.) up as a bonus.

Off topic:
There’s a small GameCube homebrew scene if you’re into that sort of thing. I ported Quake to it recently: