Reaction to an advertisement

What’s your reaction to this ad?

Nice fonts, but they need to use higher resolution bitmaps for the photographs.


My reaction is that I’m glad that white kids like that get a better education. They really need a boost in this country.

I’m more disturbed by this one, which is pure BS:

What’s the problem? The all-white crowd of kids? Sadly, I’ll bet it never even occurred to the people designing/approving the ad.

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Those are not just white kids… they are Aryan kids! Heil National Review!

That they know their target market.

Whoah scary… Those high ranking students will have some problems when they get hired at “big corp” and have to take work with a diverse group of peers. Many large US companies are focusing on trying to create a truly diverse global work force. They figure that unless you understand your market, you can’t sell to them. And, like it or not, the world is a diverse place, and white american fundementalist christians are the minority. Which of of course, the white american fundementalist christians are very unhappy about.
Check out for the corporate view, many large companies sponsor this magazine and site.

On the other side of the fence many social liberals pride themselves in sending their children to ethnically diverse schools. I just started tutoring elementary kids at our neighborhood school. The city that Ben and I live in (Rochester NY) suffers from the perception that all of the schools are crap and that no good parent would send their child to city schools. This is inspite of the fact that one of the city highschool’s rate’s 48 out of 100 on the “100 best public schools in the US”. One of the underlying reasons for this perception may be because the public school population is composed of over 50% ethnic minorities. Anyways, back to my point, the woman who runs the tutoring program (of WASP ethnicity) sent all of her children to the local city schools. The main reason she did was so that they would be exposed to ethnically diverse peers. All of her children (about my age) would be labelled “high achievers”. Believe it or not it is important to some people. If I had children, it would be extremely important to me. Of course I would want them to have the very best education too, but from what I can tell educational success has a lot to do with parental involvement.

This ad is designed to appeal to typical baby boomer parents who think their kid’s shit don’t stink. They will grow up to be as shallow, self-centered and greedy as their mommy and daddy.

as opposed to having kids who stink like shit, are philosophically inept, morally bankrupt, principally malleable, econimically egalitarian, emotionally altruistic, and socialist politically just like their parents.

Freaking crist, is it a crime to want your kids to have a good education?

Or is it just politically correct not to want anything better for your own kids because someone is starving in the ghetto?

They will grow up to be as shallow, self-centered and greedy as their mommy and daddy.

mmmm…the same might be said of most liberals: shallow, self-centered, and greedy with other peoples money.

Really? You can tell just by looking at two blurry, low-resolution pictures of ten elementary school students what sort of people they will grow up to be? And where they will work? Interesting.


Damn, mulligan, is it a crime to have genetically engineered cloned blond haired Aryan kids? Not yet, it seems.

When mulligan becomes President, it’ll be a crime to NOT have genetically cloned blond haired Aryan kids.

(though you should have said engineered, not cloned)