Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread

Mortal Empires is how I prefer to play, so you did well. The DLC for TW Warhammer 2 is also quite good if you’re interested in any particular faction.

Do you still have to own both games for Mortal Empires?

You need to own Warhammer 1, but it doesn’t need to be installed.

You also need a good book cause turn timers will take minute or two on a greatest system known to man. And TWW is a game where turn #100 may still be an “early game” .

A promising start now that whatever this is went live.

Just bought this and after installation I ran it immediately and my antivirus quarantined it. What am I doing wrong?

This showed up again on my radar. The game is free and built on the WBC 3 engine. Looks like it might be cool.

Brings back very good memories.

How do the WBC games hold up? I played the original Warlords, but never played the battlecry games.

I liked them. I don’t think they hold up all that well because of the quite fast pace and also motor control needed to micro manage the units.

Pixies for example are fast and range and do high damage, but are made of tissue paper. So if you are a fast clicker, you can kite higher level units, e.g. minotaur kings, forever.

Gets quite boring, you need a few minutes of kiting to bring it down.

I don’t think it’s anywhere near as hectic as AoE 2. The eco is fairly straightforward, since you just need to take over mines, and stick miners in it.

You can set a lot of units to automatic behavior, like guarding units, casting spells, scouting, harassing and the like. It makes scouting easier if you send out some scouts to scout to automatically while you get busy capturing your starting mines.

As for kiting, I haven’t really noticed it to much, but then I play as the empire or the dwarfs.

As for the Protectors, it has made a large number of changes to the game. New units and unit balance, the classes and races and magic has been reworked. You now can take factions and purchase faction abilities with the points you get.

Oh for sure I’ll probably get it. WBC 1,2 and 3 are still fun games today.

I never played AoE2 :S

Well, it’s 100% free.

Right now, I am just making one of those I have dragons maps, where I start with dragons and rack us some XP and items

You should be able to play WBC 1 and 2 campaigns on it.

I’m looking through the Protectors Manual, and they sure did their work. Each faction has a list of perks and buildings that make it different from the standard faction.

Include Good Undead.

Another upcoming entry in the survival RTS genre

I like the idea of this genre, but I feel no game has really nailed it yet. They Are Billions lasted way too long for something you couldn’t save and was completely undone by missing one tiny little hidden gap, and Conan Unconquered felt like an early beta badly in need of more polish.

That is worth keeping an eye on. It has a lot of potential. They need to tone down the “Base is under attack” bit, that can get annoying fast.

In the RTS genre, nothing will ever come close for sheer annoyance to “TACTICAL COGITATORS ONLINE!” from Battlefleet Gothic.

So, I played a bit more of WBC 3: The Protectors, the free stand alone mod.

I set up an easy map with lot of mines and a Passive AI, just to check out a few of the factions.

As you know, the game had 17 or so races to play as. Each race now has between 2 and 6 faction. So, I tried out 3 of the dwarf factions and the 2 dark dwarf factions.

Besides each faction giving a one time use ability, it also swapped out units and tech.

One of the dwarf factions swapped out brawlers (a name change from runners in the base game) and crossbows for dark dwarf Fire Bombs and Fire Cannons. A nice little replacement.

Another swapped out a whole lot of melee units, and replaced it with the ability to summon random spellcasters (like the empire mercenary ability) and made the Rune Lords a support unit.

There was a Dark Dwarf nation that replaced all the golems and wraiths with Dwarf Units, giving you the ability to create Dark Dwarf Rune Lords and Beserkers to run along side Hellblasters and Fire Cannons.

I will try out a few other factions. I think there is a knight faction focused on archery, an undead faction that is good, a daemon faction based on peasants and corrupt nobility.

They also redid the hero system so it is a combination of WBC 3 and WBC 2. Spells are more like WBC 2, and you can purchase perks that give passive bonus, like WBC 2, but regular skills and stats are like WBC 3. That is a welcome change.

I did some of the minotaur tutorial mission. I’ll have to spend more time with it once my year end vacation starts on Tuesday. I wish the animations were a bit smoother. reports that “a new non-commercial fan-project is looking to revive Battles for Middle Earth 1 & 2, titled Battles for Middle-Earth Reforged. It’s going to use a new engine to recreate the game with modern tools, tech and graphics.”

Here is a link to a video and a link to the official website.


I hope they can make it work. The BfME games are greeeeeeat. So sad they’re not available digitally.