Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread

First of the qualifiers.

$50,000 in the pool.

I wondered what Angelina Jolie did in her free time. :)

It actually isn’t too bad. You get used to it - I was leery of picking it up for the same reason but after you get the muscle memory in I think they did the best job anyone could have to make it mobile friendly.

Lk I just hoped onto this thread just to see --and I ended up laughing out loud with that comment.

Finally finished the first set. It was a real good match up. And this is just the qualifiers. The top 8 of these players goes on to the Hidden Cup, with the 8 players deemed the best in AoE by the votes of all the pro players.

It’s called Hidden Cup because each player will being playing with a pseudonym, instead of their usual AoE 2 name. So, no one will know who they are playing, even the audience. It makes it more exciting because you can’t assume any player will just win.

I’m already behind on part of Friday and the weekend series. I haven’t looked to see if he changed his streaming schedule for qualifiers. I’m hoping I can catch up during Monday - Wednesday break.

That viper/tatoh vs hera/lierry game you posted was pretty good.

I am just sticking to YouTube for now. I don’t need to see every qualifier game, but I T90official posts a few of the best ones, I will be happy.

Although, I might go on twitch for the Hidden Cup itself. He takes too long to post them to Youtube.

As for the series, I think I only saw the last 4 games. It’s good to know that theviper is not invincible, otherwise it would be boring to watch.

I usually have the stream running on a second monitor while I’m working, but if I’m focused on a problem I tune it out and miss everything.

Heresy. The Snek is unbeatable.

TheViper is probably my favourite AOE streamer. Doesn’t take anything too seriously, and likes to mess around and have a good time. He and DauT are a good comedy duo in team games.

Hera is quickly getting up there with him in terms of overall skill, but Hera is also a super try-hard, haha. When TheViper beat him in the NAC3 final, someone mentioned that Hera had played something like 500 rounds of ranked AoE 2 DE since it came out, whereas Viper had played… 125.

The best games happen when there are non forgone conclusions.

Also, Hera is a better caster! Fight me!

Hera has been in really good form lately.

Age of Empires 2 is a game I would rather watch them plan these days.

This game is way too stressful. Don’t watch it unless you have the time.

Also, it looks like we will get auto exploring as an option, which I love. Especially in the mid game, when too much is going on.

Now they just need a hot key that automatically goes to a building with research options available.

I dunno, i’ve had a lot of fun games recently. There’s a lot of walling and development of terrain.

Late game Mangudai are basically impossible to stop. Blue had the advantage but a Mongol player with time to micro will always, always win.

Is that the Vinchester - FedEx game (on phone at appt)? That was nuts. FedEx lost so many trebs to those mangudai.

I disagree. If FedEx had kept his trebs alive, instead of sending them in one at a time, he would have won. I think you over estimate how good mangudai are. The camels had done a good job winning, and only started to fall off after FedEx switch to Trebs instead of camels. If he had used the Trebs effectively, or stuck a bit longer to camels, I think the outcome would have differed.

Bit of a mishmash, looks interesting.

Round of 32 is complete as of today. Looks like he will start casting again Friday. So a couple days to catch up.

Sadly i’m not at that level. I tend to win or lose depending on the first player to hit Imperial, at least in 1on1, because once somebody has a Treb advantage they tend to be able to just walk into your base, castling all the way to your main production, since most castle ages turn into stalemates with castles across from each other, and it’s not really possible to stop it. I tend to win like 75% of the time if I hit imp first and lose like 50% of the time if I don’t. The only civ that I can get around this with is the Turks since they get free chemistry and so bombards right when they hit imp. I just lost a game I should have easily won because he got the first treb out. Although I had a ton of mistakes otherwise. Aztecs vs Persian is hard on the Persian xbow / cav thing anyway.