Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread

When I play Doom , its more of a HOG for me. :)

Now I want to play a few rounds as the human commander in Natural Selection.

Mentioned yet? Hmm maybe I should have posted it in the tower defense thread? Dunno!

That looks interesting.

This seems to be getting lots of positive reviews - looks like Men of War where you can drive the tanks (aka what Men of War 3 will be but its out already). Any good?

I’ve watched a few streamers play it and it seems really solid.

It’s basically Men of War.

Hmm, maybe I should give it another shot?

Last time I put several hours into it and when I relaunched it my save was gone so I just quit and never went back.

Been playing around in single-player with Supreme Commander. Wow, impressive as f**k though RTS is not really my thing but it looks and plays amazing. If the expansion goes on sale for around a fiver on steam I’ll probably get it because I heard the modding community and multiplayer for this is extensive. Who knows? I might catch the bug but the RTS/base-building genre tends to overwhelm me ever since that first one I ever played on my old SNES called Utopia. I’d be okay as long as I didn’t get attacked and put under pressure with the typical result that I collapse spectacularly. Maybe I’m more suited for peaceful city builders.

Forged Alliance Forever is what you probably want to look into if you get the expansion.

Yeah, I’ve been doing research on it and you can even play the original campaigns from the first game in FAF with Forged Alliance but with no restrictions and everything unlocked which supposedly makes for a much wilder, much tougher single-player. That’s why I want to make sure I get the steam version since the GOG version is incompatible with FAF.

The Forged Alliance campaign missions are all epically huge expanding map missions involving hundreds of units and experimentals clashing in explosively carnage. Each one typically takes multiple hours to complete. I think I’ve played through it at least once with each Faction.

There’s also lots of user created mods, maps, units, and what have you.

Currently playing Warlords Battlecry III but man, was this game buggy bug-fuck, even with all the patches. I can’t even use the Patrol feature without it crashing. But it seems rather deep with a good variety of maps/units making a case for much replayability. I’m playing The Protectors mod which means I have to play on “Easy” else I get humbled, and I do mean humbled. Such is the natures of mods that assume you’re thoroughly familiar with vanilla. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. He who hesitates in these games gets humbled.

Yeah, sadly Warlords Battlecry 3 was a huge sales flop, so I didn’t blame them for dropping support early and not continuing to patch it. Warlords Battlecry 2 is actually more polished because it was a bigger success (relatively speaking). I still love them both.

And yeah, Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance are amazing.

WBC3 flopped because it just wasn’t as good as 2.

It flopped before it was even out. In the Seattle area, each EB/Gamestop only ordered 2 copies of the box. So among us 4 friends, on launch day we thought it would be impossible to find four copies in the whole Seattle area. But no, two of us had to go North (alderwood mall, I think?), and two to the South near the Airport. And that was it, that was the remaining copies in the Seattle area.

While I agree it wasn’t as good, it was also a flop before it even came out. People were still playing Warcraft 3, and there wasn’t much room for what WBC3 was selling.

Yeah I think a bit of RTS fatigue was also setting in at this point.

I’ve only played Warlords Battle Cry 2 after being shamed about it in my RTS thread.

Good stuff. But much more important was discovering Kohan.