Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread

For Minecraft-style graphics, it had better have strategic zoom like SupCom.

I started replaying SupCom in the first time in almost a decade this past week. God, this game holds up. The crazy thing is I’m almost done with Forged Alliance and I finally remembered I could build experimental units! I’ve mainly been using strategic artillery to flatten the enemy.

And then I started doing research on any custom scenarios, and discovered FAF. Wow, I’m late to the party. Watching YouTube matches and it looks incredible. Love how they moded the game to allow for such massive battles. And watching these highly-rated players makes me realize just how I’ve been playing this game all wrong. So many new tactics to learn.

This was also a thrilling match, and this commentator is so damn good

Anyone looking at The Valiant? Looks like a kind of Crusader RTT. Reminded me a little of Myth from the videos.

I still occasionally play through the campaign on hard which is bonkers. If you aren’t ready for the map expansion…

Some of the commentary videos are nuts. Especially the big team vs team battles. There’s usually 1 or 2 commander deaths within the opening 15 minutes but the late game can go multiple ways:

Experimental unit clashes, nukes, strat bombers, artillery, tele-snipe…all of the above.

There was a match where one player completely wiped other and controlled the “entire map.” The losing player managed to somehow airlift his commander and drop him behind his opponents base where he set up a cloaking station and started building tactical missile silos. Sure enough he was able to scout the other players comm and blow him up with a tact missile strike.

I should try that. I love SupCom and then Forged Alliance, but I’ve only played compstomp with my friends, and multiplayer against random strangers sometimes when we wanted to be truly humbled.

But I’ve never tried the campaign.

The Forged Alliance campaign is only like…6 missions or something. But all of them are…epic. Actually most of them have a kind of brutal starting position at times, and you probably won’t be ready for when the map is expanded after clearing an objective because the threats increase like tenfold every time it happens.

Ironically though the last mission is by far the easiest. Spoilers: they give you all 3 commanders and a cyclops experimental to start with, plus fusion power.

Oh wow, yeah, the map expanding rings a bell, I must have tried the first mission in the Forged Alliance campaign, because I remember that happening. I was kicking ass, and then the map expanded and I got my ass kicked.

With Age of Empires games being remastered, and now Age of Mythology coming as well, I do wonder if I can get that desire to play through RTS games back again. It’s been a long time. Especially to play one that’s not also an RPG, like Warlords Battlecry games. Once you get used to the RPG mechanic and leveling up your hero between each map, it’s hard to go back to traditional RTS campaigns.

RPG elements on an RTS really do make a game feel more sticky, as you feel like you are making progress. Its one of the attractive features of Warlords Battlecry, but also in the Spellforce series.

On the Turn Based side, I think it’s what makes Blood Bowl so appealing, even if the game is not balanced.

The alternative to an RPG elemental is just the ability to unlock new units as a campaign progresses, but that’s a limited single player experience only.

As someone that also looked back at Supreme Commander recently for comp stomps, the Loud mod is very good. It fixes some late game stutter bugs, improves AI, and adds really good community units. The general wisdom seems to be FAF is the mod to do for pvp and LOUD for fighting AI.

New patch for Star Wars Expanded Fronts

Still not sure I can get past the graphics though.

Yeah, for Star War RTS I would probably fire up Empires at War, or wait for the inevitable Star Wars mod that will appear at some point for Sins of a Solar Empire 2. Galactic Battlegrounds never really hooked me back when it came out.


For some reason, this is still going on…

Wtf dude?

In my defense, it’s been over a decade. I just want a WBC 4 already.

By the way, Protectors is crazy. I played it a bit 5 or so years ago and the changes were massive. This time… watching that video. It’s a whole new game.
I’m down for it, but man do I want better graphics.

A mod for a game that’s old enough to vote in I think most countries (in mine at least)?

That’s really cool. A stand-alone fan mod of Warlords Battlecry 3? Very cool! Does it have a single player campaign yet?

Edit: It sounds like it does!


Well, if you give it a go, let us know!

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Where is Battle for Middle-earth 3?

I may be wrong, but I believe the IP eventually made its way to DICE, so . . .