Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread


Has anyone heard any news about whatever the rts project is Chris Taylor is working on?


Meant to post this on Thursday. Not sure how legit. I’m having trouble unpacking the game myself.


Er…Dark Reign is sold on GOG.


What I was reading on the gog forums was that it won’t work on later windows releases unless you use on the of the fan patches. Haven’t tried it myself.


That it’s still being sold is indicative that you can’t get it for free legally, but it happens now and then.
This case is weird, Activision doesn’t care that it’s been available online in the same fan site for at least 10 years, I can see how people would assume they relinquished protection.


Just tried it, ran fine on Win 10, albeit in a weird 4x3 thing with black bars on the side, but it worked fine.


Dark Reign had really excellent AI.

I thought it was a great game. Really clever.


Just came across this, wishlisted and will wait for more info / reviews.


Well, I suppose this answers the question of whether everything’s been done before in the genre. I could even imagine the pitch;
“Wait, so you want to lead a cult to take over the world? How would that remotely sell?!?”
“Sure! I mean, every game and its brother has people you’ve just met calling you some version of ‘the chosen one’ so why not turn the whole idea upside down and call it a cult?”
“I … have no comeback. Proceed.”


Not sure why it wouldn’t sell (for an indie RTS). Cultist Simulator did pretty well, and there are a bunch of strategy games involving cults. Not to mention that Left Behind game.


Joke at the expense of publisher heads ;)


So it’s weird, but I just find myself usually playing Sins of the Solar Empire, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, or Rise of Nations…depending on my mood. Maybe also Company of Heroes 2 albeit less frequently. Nothing new has really surmounted these. Some new games in the same vein have come out, but they are disappointing in comparison, and I end up going back. (namely SupCom 2, Planetary Annihilation, Ashes of Singularity)

I figure I am resigned to playing those old RTSs for the rest of my days. (Help?)


I don’t feel like any of the newer RTS games have added anything to improve on the old ones, so I’m right there with you.

To me, it’d be like if the FPS genre was still putting out nothing but DOOM clones after we had seen the likes of Battlefield, Planetside, PUBG, Fortnite, Half Life 2, etc. I mean, I enjoyed picking up ammo and medpacks and progressing through a level back in the day, but why would I want to buy that same game over and over again in 2019? I’d rather just replay HL2.


What do you think of They Are Billions? I find it scratches a new itch.

I’d add Homeworld to your list - not sure why space RTS hasn’t at least done more of the same as that classic did.


There are worse games to play for all eternity.


I haven’t played They Are Billions. Last I looked it was Early Access…(strict EA no play policy…finish your game).

Homeworld was incredible for its campaign but I don’t really care for the skirmish mode. I think Nexus: The Jupiter Incident was the last RTS I played that is sort of similar (mostly capital ships though).


Plenty of innovation in real time strategy games, they’re just not old style RTS’s. And, let’s look at it objectively, when was the last time anyone put AAA money into a old style RTS? Starcraft 2?

I’d bet old style RTS isn’t going to see much improvement, they are what they are, the people making them don’t see much need to change what they like, and the vast majority of people not making or playing them don’t see much point in the old style RTS vs “modern” variants…


Ashes wasn’t quite the leap forward I was hoping for, but I think it’s mining a vein that will prove productive. We still don’t really know how big/good/deep large-scale high-level RTS play could be.


They are tons of fun when you pay co op with friends against the computer.


Have you guys tried Northgard?