Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread


Second round. I am still watching.


I’m surprised he doesn’t have more of them up on YouTube yet. He has them separate series clipped in twitch, but I guess maybe there isn’t a mechanism for moving that over to yt, so he has to break it up himself and upload.


Been fiddling around with Company of Heroes 2.

Just can’t get the U.S. to work. They don’t have the early game edge of the Soviets, or the late game edge of the German factions, and their unit upgrades are awkward.


The US relies heavily on the tremendously versatile and powerful riflemen as well as AT guns in the early game, and Jacksons in the supreme late game. Halftracks, Stuarts, Shermans and doctrinal units cover the time in between on an as-needed basis.


Longest set of matches yet.

@legowarrior do you watch any of memb’s streams? He had an interesting show match event yesterday with Suomi, Secret, and AM. They used set positions (by player color) so they could pre-determine who play pocket vs. flank, and they nerfed slinging so it is impossible to sling until imp. He has the first game up on youtube, and I imagine the others will follow throughout the week.


two more sets.


One more game in the quarter finals. The top four should be very interesting in the semi finals.


I think he posted it @vyshka


It looks like the Suomi - Secret series is up, but he still has to upload the AM - Suomi, and AM - Secret series. Reading on aoezone, the players really liked the changes.


Anyone played AoE Definitive Edition recently. They seem to have done a lot of work on the ai. At least it is no longer completely brain dead.


Act of Aggression Reboot Edition is $7.50 on greenmangaming at the moment. Anyone have an opinion on it?


It’s a mediocre RTS that plays like Act of War or C&C Generals with some gameplay elements from Wargame added in. The Reboot part is from a controversial series of core gameplay changes implemented based on fan feedback that resulted in two separate versions of the game (you should get both in one code) featuring different resource gathering and general game pacing.

It’s very mediocre but that’s a reasonable price point if you’re curious.


It dropped down to about $6.50 when I logged in, so I’ll give it a shot.


Looks like Dune type factions, but with the USA playing the role of House Harkonan, and the Cartels as Ordos.


That’s actually rather accurate.


@legowarrior Nili has announced a Clash of the Hippo 5 and will be using captureage.


I should post the latest Hidden Cup Game. The first Semi Final had a twist.

Maybe twist is too strong a word.


Could Capture Age be used to play a regular game?


Is there a connection between Act of Aggression and Act of War?