Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread

Another odd thing I noticed on the AoE2:DE steam page. They list 3 separate developers: Forgotten Empires, Wicked Witch, and Tantalus. I wonder if that is to help with all the work updating art assets, or if they felt FE wasn’t capable of doing the job alone.

One of them probably port the game to MacOS. Maybe some of them work on AoE3DE and do some help with AoE2DE.

Has there been any other rts news from E3? I was hoping to hear something from the Iron Harvest and Year of Rain teams.

@alekseivolchok some notes on reddit from the stream they did today:

It was a very short stream (I think they are having some technical issues, now it is hosting TheViper but it was so short and they cut right in the middle of a battle… or maybe it was just a very very very small stream) but:

  • They are listening to the community because they don’t want to be a developer that are like “eh we may do that”
  • They know that they have AoE fans around the globe
  • No “old school graphics mode”, but you can disable a lot of the new features (can even play with the old original AoK AI if you want to)
  • Auto renew farms
  • When selecting your army, if you include villagers/sheeps by mistake, the game understands that and will only select the army, excluding the vills/sheeps.
  • When selecting a building, you can see the progress bar above it showing the unit creation progress.
  • You can also see what buildings are creating units right on the top of the screen (it shows the unit icon + a progress bar, clicking on it goes to the building that is creating the unit)
  • You can zoom in and zoom out, however they didn’t show how much they could zoom out.

So it looks like it might address some of the ui complaints.

Sounds a lot like Rise of Nations, and I mean that as high praise.

I’m curious to see what the new Age of Empires studio MS created will create. Maybe an Age of Mythology sequel?? :)

They know there’s nowhere to hide.

This all sounds good. I surprise myself with how capricious and grumpy I am now. Launching AoE2HD and seeing how they don’t care for my time or comfort was infuriating. UI affects gameplay: you better make sure your army doesn’t stay near peasants because when you try to select them all your you’ll have to play where’s Wally in your unsorted unit list to remove peasants. When I played AoE2HD when I was 12 it was part of the fun, mechanics and UI were one big whole thing you learn. Now there’s no tolerance for this kind of BS in me left. Now I’m bitter.

Man, I feel old now. I think I was 27 when the original AoE2 came out. :)

Me too! Though only by a few years, I was 15.

Interesting post from Bert on aoezone:

So MP code has been ripped out and replaced with a server based model.

Does it mean like in an old-school way? So that one of the players is the dedicated server?

As I understand, centralized developer-owned server helps players to connect easier and, more importantly, fights piracy.

My guess would be that they are trying to implement something along the lines of what Blizzard does for starcraft. He wouldn’t go into details so I guess we won’t know until someone gets un the beta.

So Re-Legion had a big update today and is on sale EVERYWHERE. Can anyone comment on the thing?

Tried out Elite Mod. Seems like the AI is smarter in the game. I’m not sure what all the changes are, besides the new commander and new units.

Lots of tweaks to range, dps, armour piercing, etc etc.

Too much to really understand for myself.

I just thought it looked cool, the new faction especially.

More indepth look at Age of Empires 2 DE

I think people shouldn’t get worked up about the pathfinding until we have a chance to play the beta and can see in a normal game how it is behaving instead of that one clip where Cysion potentially had them set to stand ground (he mentioned that is what happened in a reddit post I think).

I like Spirit of the Law perspective. Unlike many high-level players he understands that for most players this game is singleplayer one and most players wouldn’t even understand this boar luring thing which is apparently extremely important.

For every snobbish hardcore player sneering on queues and not accidently selecting peasants you have a thousand players who just want some strategy gaming.

Also for some reason selected units are still not sorted. Why.

Also prevents the game from being played in 10 years time when the servers have been shut down for 7.