Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread

So, I’ve been playing as the Ethopians in the War of Liberty Mod for Age of Empires 3. They have a cool mechanic, as an African Nation, with an age up mechanic is a lot more like Rise of Nations. Instead of having building requirements and then click on the age of system (as the Europeans) or building wonders (as the Asian Nations) they have a library that has 3 different sets of research. Military, Economics and Civils. Each is researched independent, and unlocks buildings and units, regardless of what “age” you are officially in. If you research 4 times into military, you will get higher end units, despite being at a lower age. That being said, if you want to unlock the cards from the next age, you do need to research all three techs in that age to unlock them. Or, if you research 2 of any of them, you go up a level.

Like Rise of Nations, the research in the particular tech unlocks builds and techs, not the age you are in though So, if one tech is particular behind (like military) you might have high level resource gathering, but not the troops.

Besides that the African Age Up mechanic, they have a cool mechanic called Porters. It takes a while, but every once in a while, you town center unlocks a porter, which can build for free any building unlocked.

Some of the buildings are very expansive, but having multiple town centers means multiple porters being generated. I eventually get too many though.

I build towers everywhere.

Anyway, its nice that the team took the ideas of Age of Empires and the three distinct types of civilizations and added a few more. They also have Anglo Nations (Canada, US, and Australia), South American Nations (both look like they play European Style but with unique units and techs) and some more native nations.

Still, as much as I am liking the mod, it just compounds the general problem I have with AoE 3. Cards are finicky and complex and I am not always able to recognize what troops are the best match ups, unlike in Age of Empires 2.

Also, I like the idea of drop off points.

Picked up Homeworlds Remastered and Deserts. It’s a shame Cataclysm isn’t available. That I recall that one was really cool even with the annoying zombie ship virus

Yes, it is. But on, the only storefront worth a damn:

Do we have any Battlefleet Gothic fans here? I don’t see (m)any posts about it. I picked it up over the weekend and it seems to really satisfy the former kid in me that played way too much Star Fleet Battles.

It’s great. Tough but great.

I played the original Battlefleet but didn’t think much of it. Ships controlled like bumper cars, and if I had to hear, “TACTICAL COGITATORS ONLINE!” one more time…

Anyone play both and note any improvements the sequel did?

“We have over a million people a month playing Age of Empires games, and the numbers keep going up,” said Adam Isgreen, Age of Empires series creative director.

I’m curious how they came up with that number. It has a decent community, but 1M people a month seems like a stretch.

@tomchick, @Jason_McMaster - AoE3 New World Championships LAN tournament is taking place right now.

The academy never invites us

macaque too strong

For anyone that watched Starcraft 2 online, apparently Geoff Robinson (Incontrol) passed away yesterday.

What the hell? And to sudden illness, too? I’m utterly dumbfounded and unable to process this news right now.

Just learned of this. Just horrible. Rest in peace, Geoff.

It was very sudden whatever happened. I swear I just saw him playing some warhammer the other day, and I’m pretty sure I saw him streaming as recently as Friday, or maybe even yesterday.

He was apparently having issues with an infection about a month ago that he thought had been nailed down. Fair guess it’s somehow connected to that. Awful.

Grey Goo currently $1 on fanatical if you were ever curious about the game.

And it’s a definitive edition. Guess I have no choice.

Damn, that is horrible. RIP.

33 is too young to die. Rest in peace, Geoff.