Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread





Ruh roh, busted by Brian ;)


Watch them never come back and engage. Totally a hit and run. ;)


Totally not-GDI and totally not-Nod square off to secure not-Tiberium-gas in a game that in no way resembles Command & Conquer 3.

I mean, GDI never used single-barreled main battle tanks, jeeps with a pair of rocket launchers on top, wheeled chaingun APCs, oversized dual-barreled missile-launching heavy tanks and triple-barreled deployable artillery. And they certainly never fielded them against a faction chock full of ominous black and red buildings.

Spoiler alert: aliens were responsible for World War 3.



I will never not love that GIF.


Agreed, I love any opportunity to use it.


It took me forever, but I finally found the source of that awesome gif.


Oh. My. God. That’s amazing.


I’m surprised there’s still a demand for this kind of Dune/C&C style build-a-base-and-pump-out-unit-swarm game. I got the feeling it completely died. Not even C&C could keep itself going in the face of MOBA or Tower Defence.


I always wanna play games like these, honestly.


I think there is definitely a market for this. It’s definitely not where the big money is any more, but I think modestly budgeted games can do okay with this style of RTS.

The key is getting it right. Like wargame grognards or sim rivet-counters, the old-school base-building RTS fans are generally older, nitpicky, and have very definite ideas about what they want, and those don’t necessarily jibe with modern sensibilities.


God hath already delivered Rise of Nations into the hands of the world. Why do you ask for MORE than God has provided?


I’ve actually been going back and playing RTS games I missed, honestly. Going through Battle for Middle Earth II right now, which is turning into one of my favorites.


Where did you grab BfME from?


Ebay, while back. Took forever to find an affordable copy of it and its expansion.

I also found an affordable copy of the first game, which apparently is just as good and different enough to warrant owning both games, on this subreddit:



Honestly, I don’t know why EA doesn’t republish Battle for Middle Earth, especially the Witch King expansion. It would sell so many units. Or at least give the rights to GoG so it can be adapted for today’s PCs.




I believe BFME is in rights hell, where EA owns the game but only had a license to publish Middle-earth games for X years or whatever, and Tolkein Enterprises was like, “Enough! Enough with these hellish video-game monstrosities!” and went to go get tea or…biscuits? Marmite? Something.

Which is a shame, because they really are quite good games. Both of them, for different reasons.