Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread

He was apparently having issues with an infection about a month ago that he thought had been nailed down. Fair guess it’s somehow connected to that. Awful.

Grey Goo currently $1 on fanatical if you were ever curious about the game.

And it’s a definitive edition. Guess I have no choice.

Damn, that is horrible. RIP.

33 is too young to die. Rest in peace, Geoff.


@vyshka pointed this out to me. There is a beta patch of AoM. Why?

The link has all the changes listed. Everything seems to be have been impacted in some way.

It sounds like this was somewhat driven by Nakamura_rts, and his petition for a patch. I’m not sure how many actual issues that folks were upset about have been addressed. Some early discussion on the age forums suggests that the performance problems still exist.

I am glad they bothered though. It makes me more hopefully about a AoM DE or AoM 2.

With the exception of the atlantians, AoM has some of the most interesting Nations and sides. I wish they had gone with more real world nations instead of atlantians. Like the Incas or Mayans. Or one of the Mesopotamia Nations.

I wouldn’t even say it’s worth that. Incredibly bland.

Well yeah, Grey Goo isn’t enjoyable.

Not that I’m against playing the same RTS I’ve played since 1997, but this one looks ugly. I don’t know how they managed to make this tech look ugly, but it looks as if we’re fighting in twilight in a dirt. All units look the same, missions aren’t playtested well - I got bored on the third one after hearing “WE HAVE TO DEFEND…” for the 47th time.


More nostalgia stuff, they aren’t that shit hot imho.(age of empires 2 er al)

I beg to differ. Having played AoE 2, and Rise of Nations, I find those games still hold up quite well. And AoE 2 still has a following of newer players, too young to have played the original.

I find AoE2 to be hard to stomach due to UI conventions mostly but I’m looking forward to AoE2HD2 AKA AoE2DE. I’m also waiting for AoE3DE cause its stretched UI covering half of the widescreen is not great too.

Meanwhile, Age of Mythology and Rise of Nations have no such problems and I think they hold up great. AoM may look dated due to being an early 3D title but RoN is great. Granted, I’ve played RoN since release from time to time but so I did AoE2 and I think that RoN is one of the best RTS games to play here and now. And AoM too, haven’t played it till last year and I like it.

Anyone excited for War 3 Reforged? I still watch streams on Twitch and I am glad they are still doing patches for it.

I didn’t care for WC3 even when it came out. Reforged is valuable remake resources that could be spent on bringing back Myth instead!

To me, WC3 was a failed experiment that accidentally ended up giving us the penicillin that was MOBAs.

Yes, but the e-sports scene was doing fine. Ironic thing is MOBAs evolved into Auto chess and other variants.

Not sure if this was already mentioned here, but Praetorians is getting an HD Remaster.

but why

So that Tom can enjoy it if it wins request Wednesday. :)