Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread

Well, “units” die. But not really, since the unit is the character, the rest is just extra stats on top of the character.

Goddamned greybears grognards and their Tombs of Horror, it’s time to move on to Thirsty Sword Lesbians* as Moon-touched Artemis intended!

* Which is, due to the turnless nature of the base Powered By The Apocalypse framework, and of course the thoughtful and subtle art of seduction necessary to lull your foes onto the tip of your rainbow hued blade, also technically a Real Time Strategy game.

Fuck it. Every game is an RTS now.

That racing game you are playing? It’s in Real-time! And there is strategy (tactics) about when to press the break and shift gears based on the race course (map!). The cars are the units…(or are they players/opponents? Who even cares!)

The term is kinda nebulous, but people usually know what it means when they say it. Something like Dune 2…

Racing games definitely have Turns. (hur hur.)

SemanticMan doing his semantic thing!

Who can forget the release of Microsoft’s biggest RTS ever… Windows 95.

This conversation has taken all sorts of odd turns.

Because you’re wrong and you just won’t give it up.

Icewind Dale is a computer role-playing game. It is not real-time strategy. GTFOH with that nonsense.

Yeah, I mean, I didn’t at all follow the discussion leading up to this; I just got tagged on TTRPG shit. Virtually every Computer or Console RPG I’ve ever seen is absolutely shit as an actual roleplaying game; at best they’re branching storyteller machines awkwardly bolted onto an overly complicated tactical engine. But, well, for better or worse, that’s what CRPGs, JRPGs, etc., are and have been since time immemorial, and until we get functional AI that can GM half as well as a human, it’s the best we’ll manage, and it’s still a far cry from an RTS.

Maybe Dungeon Siege came close, insofar as you could basically play it like a fantasy-skinned Ground Control.

The above discussion reminds me of this:


<3 :)

Doom is an RTS because you play it in real-time and must manage your resources to make progress.

That’s dumb, everyone knows Doom is a point and click adventure. You go on an adventure and you point and click on a boatload of enemies.

Isn’t Doom an Interactive Visual Novel?

When I play Doom , its more of a HOG for me. :)

Now I want to play a few rounds as the human commander in Natural Selection.

Mentioned yet? Hmm maybe I should have posted it in the tower defense thread? Dunno!