Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread

Oh I of course own them everywhere, just haven’t played them in ages. The two games are both very similar and very different, and both worth playing, I feel.

Supreme Commander definitely got the spectacle right. The scale, the projectiles, the explosions, all the wreckage left in the wake. Man, that game just nails that stuff.

FYI, somehow the original Seven Kingdoms is available for free, and is getting more updates than the paid version.


IIRC they released the code under an open source license at some point.

Very cool!

Speaking on Multiplayer, although it’s true that MP isn’t super important to me in terms of E-Sports, I think it is important in terms of Skirmish mode.

Knowing that the faction you pick isn’t in some way O/P or bugged makes your victor of over the AI seem less hollow, if that makes sense.

It means you like a faction because of reasons other than it’s easy to win with said faction.

Rise of Legends was the one. Rise of Nations is a good time, but RoL got it right. Pretty sure @tomchick agrees with me on this.

Loved the faction design and the city districts mechanics.

Vinci ftw!

I tried playing the campaign via Forged Alliance Forever and totally got wrecked!

Moreover, the map expansion is on a strict timer, so you don’t have all the time in the world to complete the current objectives. After a few tries I did manage to beat the first mission, but it was…still a major disaster. My original base got completely wiped out in a much later retaliatory strike. I had to airlift my commander out of there, and build up as a refugee in one of the AI bases I was defending…It was interesting.

Mission 2 has the hardest start in the game and I never could get through the rough start using FAF. Mainly because with FAF you can’t save, soo every attempt is roguelike in nature. Mission 2 start is too brutal but being able to save scrumming it would make it surpassable. Maybe until the map expansion timer wipes me out but I never got that far.