RealClearPolitics.Com - Bush 227: Kerry 210

Zteven had asked about U.S. polls and the electoral college vote as he is one of those dirty foreigners that want Kerry in office because Bush is bad for the Planet and Solar System. :wink:

Anyways, this site, , while hurting my eyes, has every poll imaginable including state by state polls, all news outlet’s polls, and the electoral college estimate as of today. Bush 227 : Kerry 210

The site must be getting all kindsa hits because it is pretty slow right now. Didn’t know how much anyone knew about it. It seems to just provide info with no bias.


Don’t know how much faith I’d put in RCP’s analysis. In 2000, they had Bush winning with Reagan-Mondale type numbers.

Is that RCP’s fault or the polls, though?

I guess that depends on what you think the polls should show.

Any question that begins “If the election were held today” and that day isn’t Nov. 2nd is inherently flawed.

What is even more flawed is a site that uses simple averages to compare polls. RCP is such a site and yellow is the color they use to show their stastical naiveté. They may not mislead you due to bias, but misleading you through ignorance or apathy still leads to shoddy results.