Realistic Sexual Graphics in Games

Some of you may remember me discussing my desire for MMOGs to enable sexual relationships, including the creation of children.

One of the objections to this was that the graphical depiction of sexual acts would not be realistic.

I’m thinking this objection is going to soon be eliminated…

Ah, oddly amusing virtua porn. Not work safe by a mile, btw.

Will there be girls there?

Roll to see if they like me.

I cast Magic Missile into the darkness!

It’d be more effective if you cast it into a realistic 3D depiction of a vagina.

As long as they don’t show the Prismatic Spray.

Or Bigby’s Clenched Fist!

YOU KNEW SOMEONE WAS GONNA SAY IT. Don’t look at me like that.

The idea of playing CRPGs with “realistic sex” just strikes me as sad. I love games, but they are not a substitute for companionship.


Heh. Bigby’s clenched fist. I counter with my Rod of Lordly Might.

Somebody write this down and repost it after Sims Online has been out for a year.

I, for one, agree with you Qenan. I can’t fathom marrying someone I “met over the internet” unless we’re talking about finding a local date that way (like a personal ad) and actually getting to know them offline. It just doesn’t register with me that people will have online relationships for months and meet and get engaged within a week. But it happens, so obviously not everyone feels the same way I do about it.

“… in a way that even fat, dumb girls and unlimited quantities of alcohol has still, heretofore, never afforded me.”

Gee, wow. Crappy porn rendered in Poser 4. If you’ve seen this program in action, you’d realise that it couldn’t do real-time rendering on modern hardware to save its life. Poser 5 is even worse.

It has often seemed strange to me that games can never feature or handle sex or romantic relationships in a mature fashion, even though there are many examples of this in all sorts of other forms of entertainment. The only instances I’ve seen where these things are really touched on are some few adventure games, and The Sims. Anyway, it’s much rarer in games than in movies, books or TV series.

You don’t see a lot of sex in checkers or ice hockey either though, and video games are a long way from severing ties with the more traditional definition of a game. Certainly there’s been this idea that video games can be a story-telling device in similar fashion to books and movies, but books and movies were never anything but. Video games have their roots in more “gamey” things like competition and the concept of winning or losing the game. The developers and genres that are trying to take their games more in the direction of movies and books have a long way to go, relatively little time to have practiced the art (compared to books and even cinema), and the existing ideas of what a video game should and shouldn’t do to fight through.

The neatest example of this in games I’ve seen was in Phantasmagoria 2, in which you play a character who has sexual/romantic feelings for several office coworkers in the game which develop in different ways, with and without consummation.

Good points (not just that one.) Still, even very plot-heavy games typically ignore these sorts of issues. Demographics, perhaps.

The best (and only) xp of this sort I ever had was in a text MUD, where I cybered with some woman playing an elf (I was a troll…you fill in the blanks). Of course, it may not have been a woman…

Its also a cultural thing.

Move to Japan (the first three paragraphs of special interest).

And if that peaked your interest go here for further readings.

Of course it can be argued that its not very mature as you put it, but it IS rated Adult (as in ADULT CONTENT).


Move to Japan (the first three paragraphs of special interest).

I read the article, and I beg to differ. the last paragraph is of special interest.

See, Peach Princess seems to have no problem with featuring nonconsensual scenes in its games – hell, how’s this for a multiple-choice question:

  1. Rape Ayumi.
  2. Don’t rape Ayumi.

Seriously, you’re offered that option. And that’s just the worst example – there are plenty of other sequences where you’re able to observe rape, let it happen, et cetera.

suddenly the whole japanese subway groping epidemic snaps into focus.

Rape porn is popular over there, whereas in the US I think it may be illegal. When I was a young teenager living on an army base in Japan, almost the first pornography I ever saw was not Playboy or Penthouse, but Japanese rape and bondage manga comics that were sold from a vending machine placed directly next to the entrance of a video arcade where me and the other youngsters went to play the latest arcade games.

A friend of mine was a big guy and a semi-juvenile delinquent type, and he took great pleasure in ramming his body up against this machine to try to make this porn fall out for free. We ended up with several of these things, and got to see such pleasant imagery as women with clothespins on their nipples tied up with fluid on their faces. No Pamela Anderson Playboy spreads for us…

You think it’s traumatic to have your mom catch you with a Playboy magazine under your bed, try to explain away a copy of a comic book dedicated to scenes of housewives and schoolgirls getting raped by pervs. Sick shit, my man.